100 Questions about laminate flooring

100 Questions about laminate

1. Is thicker laminate better?
2.What is laminate flooring composed of?
3.What is an AC rating?
4.How do I calculate square footage?
5.What do warranties cover?
6.How much recommended overage of laminate will I need?
7.When will I need to use a moisture barrier?
8.Why do I need underlayment?
9.What tools do I need to use to install?
10.Can I use a thick or double layer of underlayment?
11.Can I install laminate over a vinyl flooring?
12.Can I install laminate over a commercial carpeting?
13.Is laminate the same as vinyl?
14.Can I use a steam mop on laminate?
15.Can I use wax on laminate?
16.What do I clean my laminate with?
17.What is the difference between laminate and hardwood?
18. What does wire brushed laminate mean?
19.What does knife laminate mean?
20.What does hand-scraped laminate mean?
21.What plank size is ideal for certain room size?
22.What is the difference in finishes?
23.How does laminate click together?
24.What are the pros of laminate?
25.What styles are laminate offered in?
26.What is the length of laminate?
27.What is the width of laminate?
28.What is the wear layer?
29.Can I use laminate outdoors?
30.How do I prevent laminate from scratching?
31.Is laminate stain resistant?
32.Is laminate fade resistant?
33.Is laminate scratch resistant?
34.Is laminate wear resistant?
35.Is laminate water resistant?
36.Can I get a laminate in a specific size and color?
37.How do I clean laminate?
38.Can I use laminate under cabinets?
39.Can laminate be used in commercial settings?
40.What is the recommended expansion gap?
41.Where do I start when installing rows?
42.What is a blocked design?
43.What is beveled edges?
44.Can I glue laminate down?
45.Can I nail laminate down?
46.Can I glue the planks together?
47.Can I put laminate on stairs?
48.Can I use laminate on walls?
49.Special installation for bathrooms?
50.Special installation for kitchens?
51.How do I make the joints more waterproof?
52.What does 2-strip plank mean?
53.What does 3-strip plank mean?
54.What is micro-beveled edges?
55. What is squared edged?
56.How long does it take to ship?
57.Does thickness determine durability?
58.Why are there different square footage per box?
59.What is angle-angle installation?
60.Are there installation videos?
61.How can I find discontinued flooring?
62.Can you tap this laminate?
63.Do you ship to Canada?
64.Do you ship internationally?
65.What is a freight forwarder?
66.How do I track my shipment?
67.What are transit times?
68.What does curbside delivery mean?
69.What does premium delivery mean?
70.What is plank design?
71.What is blocked design?
72.Does laminate flooring have a texture?
73.What is straight edge design?
74.What is high gloss (piano) finish?
75.With tile laminate, are they planks or individual squares?
76.Do you feel the grout lines on tile laminate?
77.How big are the tile squares in tile laminate?
78.What is single plank laminate?
79.What color laminate do I use with dark cabinets?
80.What color laminate do I use with light cabinets?
81.I have tar on my laminate; what do I use to take it off?
82.The shine on my laminate has dulled, what can I do to bring it back?
83. can I use a sealant on the laminate to make it waterproof?
84.Can I stain laminate?
85.Can I repair scratches on laminate?
86.Which laminate is good with pets?
87.Which laminate is best for wheel chairs?
88.What can happen without the proper expansion gap?
89.How can I replace a damaged plank in the middle of the room?
90.What is the best saw used for cutting laminate?
91.What is a floating floor?
92.What is tongue and groove?
93.How does the tongue on laminate not break when installed and walked on?
94.What is the female and male ends of the plank?
95.Can I put laminate on top of a radiant heated floor?
96.Can I install laminate over an existing tile or linoleum floor?
97.How do I determine the direction in which to install my laminate flooring?
98.How do laminate floor panels lock together?
99.What is recommended for uneven subfloor?
100.How does one dispose of laminate flooring? Can laminate be recycled or burnt?