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Flooring Care

Be sure to choose the best floor cleaner for your floors to avoid damaging anything from your wall base molding to your laminate floor underlayment. Check out Bestlaminate’s recommended cleaner.

The Best Floor Cleaner for Your Floor

Most floors are not waterproof and require the proper cleaning solution in regards to maintenance. It is important to use products that work well with your floor so it is always looking as beautiful as the day you first installed it! When it comes to floor care, the best laminate floor cleaner is one that works great on all laminate and hard surface flooring.

Keep in mind, it is never acceptable to use polishes or waxes on laminate flooring. Be sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions, as each manufacturer has their own care instructions. Once you have read them, invest in a flooring cleaner that is recommended. This way, you can avoid any potential warranty issues, as well as damage to your floors, including your wall base molding and even your laminate flooring underlayment.

If you are questioning the use of a specific product, give Bestlaminate a call at 1-800-520-0961, and we will be glad to assist you.