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Berry/Alloc DreamClick Pro River Oak White 0065973 Vinyl Flooring
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Product Overview

River Oak White combines the natural grain and texture of oak flooring with the classic clean look of a white floor. Put this floor in a small room to give it a more spacious appearance, or a kitchen or bath for that classy white look. Water resistant and with a .55 wear layer, this Berry Alloc DreamClick Pro vinyl floor will maintain its beautiful appearance for decades, and Berry Alloc backs that up with their lifetime warranty.


  • Top coating made of polyurethane
  • Wear layer with printed design film underneath
  • Solid PVC backing
  • Unique HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene) click frame
  • Acoustic dampening backing
  • Acoustic dampening system / Sound reduction 8dB
  • Usage Classification: 23- Residential/33- General Commercial /42- Heavy Commerical
  • Underfloor Heating: Allowed
  • Fire resistance: Bfl-sl
  • Water Resistant
  • Slip Resistance: R10
  • Chemical resistance: OK/No effect 24 hrs
  • Locking system strength: 336 lbs/ft
  • Easy to maintain
  • 100% Recyclable and Re-usable
  • Specification

  • MANUFACTURER: Berry/Alloc
  • COLLECTION: Dreamclick
  • MODEL: River Oak White
  • SKU: 0065973
  • THICKNESS: 5mm =0.20"
  • DURABILITY RATING: 0.55mm =22MIL Wear Layer
  • TEXTURE: Wood Grain
  • EDGE: Micro V Bevel on 4 sides
  • LOCKING SYSTEM: Glueless
  • BOX CONTENT: 22.49 sq.ft.
  • WEIGHT: 37 lbs
  • WIDTH: 6"
  • LENGTH: 36"
  • WARRANTY: Lifetime Residential / 10 year Heavy Commercial Warranty
  • CERTIFICATIONS: Alloc CARB2 certificate. Berry Alloc CARB2 statement. Other Alloc brand certifications.
  • Warranty

    Dream Click Pro floors come with a Lifetime Residential Warranty as well as 10 Heavy Commercial Warranty provided by the manufacturer. DreamClick Pro planks from Berry/Alloc are guaranteed under normal condition of use against defects from their date of purchase to the original customer.

    Read warranty details here>>>Alloc/Berry DreanClick Pro Warranty Information

    For more information visit>>>>

    Installation Instructions

    DreamClick Pro is an vinyl plank flooring suited for both residential and commercial areas such shops, hotels rooms, etc. This floor is not suitable for any outside use, sunrooms, solarium , saunas. This floor is not recommended for rooms that are not temperature controlled. Avoid long-lasting exposure to direct sunlight. Extreme solar irritation, hotness and strong temperature changes can cause damage to the floor.

    The largest recommended installation area is 49 ft x 49ft. An expansion profile must be used in door opening, and /or if the area is longer/wider than 49ft. It is important to leave a 0.2" expansion gap around around the total perimeter of the floor and around columns, pipes, thresholds.

    Berry /Alloc DreamClick Pro is compatible with floor heating and cooling system provided that the heated floor temperature does not exceed 81 degree of F. In case of electrical floor heating systems Alloc advising not to exceed 60W/m2.

    For detailed information read here>>>>Alloc/Berry DreamClick Pro Installation Instruction

    For more information visit>>>>

    You may also watch this VIDEO GUIDE How To Install Alloc/Berry DreamClick Pro floors.

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