Bestlaminate's Guide To Laminate Flooring: A Look At Pros and Cons

Home and business owners are looking for ways to renovate with affordable and attractive materials, such as high gloss laminate flooring, which will last a long time while maintaining a beautiful appearance. Flooring laminate from Bestlaminate can be both a source of long-lasting beauty and good health. On the other hand, inferior floors can be a source of allergens and contribute to the risk of falls, not to mention the detracting appearance of worn, stained, or otherwise damaged floor materials.
There are pros and cons of every flooring option. When evaluating possibilities, the cost of installation and maintenance should be considered, as well as the ease of cleaning, the source of the raw materials, and the variety of colors, styles, and designs available. Floors are subject to sun and electrical light bleaching, compression spots from heavy furniture, worn areas due to heavy traffic, staining, scratching, cracking, chipping, and moisture damage. Quality laminate flooring offers substantial protection from many of these problems. Wood laminate plank flooring is resistant to spills, stains, heat, chemicals, and even bacteria. 

Affordable Installation

Stone, tile, and carpet flooring require professional installation, and the materials are very expensive. At the other end of the financial spectrum, self-adhesive vinyl squares are very affordable and are easy to install. These squares look well enough at first, but they tend to peel up at the edges, crack, compress, stain, and discolor. 7 or 8mm laminate flooring is inexpensive to buy and simple to install without the use of contractors. It can be purchased with the underlayment padding attached and plank edges fitted with click-lock mechanisms that allow flooring to simply snap into place. Laminate floor can be installed directly on top of any clean, flat, non-carpeted surface. The padded planks simply 'float' on top of the original floor, providing an added layer of insulation. Like hardwood floors, laminate flooring tends to have a hollow sound when walked across. This characteristic can be reduced with adequate sub-layer padding and throw rugs if it is bothersome. As long as you follow few simple installation steps it can be done over the weekend.

Decidedly Durable

The durability of laminate flooring from Bestlaminate is nothing short of legendary.  Spills are quickly wiped up, dust has nowhere to hide, and the planks retain their beauty and shine for 10 to 25 years, depending upon which product is selected, how it is installed, and the treatment it receives. Carpets only last 10 to 15 years at most, and that is only with frequent professional cleanings. Carpets also show high traffic areas as they collect dirt, oils, and allergens. Premium laminate flooring collects nothing but compliments as it resists spills, wear and tear, and even sun bleaching. Certainly, all floors become scratched over time, but the resilient top coat used to create laminate makes it one of the most durable and affordable choices available.

Design And Decor

Taking the time to invest in a new floor means you want something that suits your needs, interests, and style. Laminate flooring is available in several wood grains and stain hues as well as stone and tile designs. A high quality photographic appliqué covers the plank and is sealed in with a scratch, stain, and damage resistant clear coat. The look is profoundly natural without the need for cutting down trees or quarrying stone. Many of the materials used to create laminate flooring are wood products that would have ended up in landfills, making laminate flooring a surprisingly sound environmental choice. Wood grains range from traditional oak, pine, and cherry, to ash, wenge, fruit tree wood, mahogany, and many others. The rarity of the trees is not a factor in selecting the best style for your home, since the trees are not cut down. One disadvantage of high gloss laminate flooring is that it cannot be sanded and stained once it is installed. While wood floors can be sanded and stained a different color, they also require regular sanding and sealing maintenance which laminate flooring does not.

Kids And Pets

Laminate floor provides your family with beautiful, healthful floors for many years to come. It can withstand the wear and tear that comes with having pets and children in a home. Spills, dropped toys, and creative expressions with magic markers are not enough to mar the appearance or the easy to clean surface. While carpets absorb sounds, they also absorb spills, dirt, dander, and allergens. Your family will be healthier with floors that stay clean and allergen free.Floors  from Best Laminate can provide a foundation of continuity within your home or business, or you can install different stone, tile, or wood grains in each room to create unique environments. Smooth and elegant transitions can be obtained with matching trim, molding, and end-caps. Affordable, attractive, easy to install, and easy to keep clean, high gloss laminate flooring offers styles and designs to fit every taste.