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What we ask when you shop for floors

Embarking on your first flooring project and don’t know where to start? You’re not alone! Many customers come into our showroom and have no idea what questions to ask or where to start. With over 400 floors to view in our showroom and even more online, it can be overwhelming! When choosing a floor, we recommend asking as many questions as possible! To help ... Read More »

If the First Row of Flooring is Not Straight Can I Continue a Laminate Flooring Installation?

Laminate flooring installation

Dear Bob and Betsy, I just got done installing the first row of my new floor. It is a little bit crooked but it doesn’t look too bad. Will it correct itself as I go? Can I continue a laminate flooring installation if the first row is not straight? – Monica F. Dear Monica, Stop! Do not move forward with ... Read More »

Spring 2015 Flooring Trends: Grey Hues

karen-roberts copy

As the saying goes, April showers bring May flowers. It also brings new projects, decorating schemes, and décor. This year, there’s one big time decorating trend that has everyone excited – grey flooring. Right now when you’re tucked inside away from the grey weather outdoors, the last thing you can imagine is having grey floors in your home. Yet there’s ... Read More »

What is the wear layer for vinyl flooring?

When shopping for vinyl flooring, all of the terms can be hard to keep track of! One question that gets asked most often is, what is the wear layer of vinyl flooring? This is a very important question to consider when purchasing vinyl flooring. So what is the wear layer? Put simply, the wear layer is the top surface that provides the ... Read More »

How do I clean laminate floors?

Many homeowners often wonder ‘How do I clean laminate floors?’ Laminate flooring is recognized to be one of the easiest floors to clean on the market. With a seamless surface commonly with antibacterial features and resistance to wear,  laminate is very low maintenance. Cleaning laminate flooring is easy to do. Regular vacuuming or sweeping to clean dust and dirt is important, ... Read More »

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