Tuesday, July 29, 2014
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  • 10 Interior Decorating Tips to Make Your House Look Like a Designer Home

    Ever look at pictures on Pinterest, Instagram, or here on the Best Laminate blog and wonder, “How did they make that room look so good?” Interior decorating tips are frequently sought after. Homeowners like you want to make their house look like an interior decorator worked their magic, without the high price of hiring a ... ...

  • Decorator Review: Ashley Collins Paintings Shape Interior Designs

    California-based painter Ashley Collins is one of the most highly-touted contemporary artists working today. Her work brings interior designs to life with unique images that convey personal messages of historical, cultural and sentimental value. Her paintings are coveted by private collectors and displayed in public spaces from California wineries to International Embassies. As you begin ... ...

  • Floor Inspiration: Chevron Pattern Flooring to Make Your Room Pop

    Modern Bedroom by Abbotsford Photographers Revival Arts | Architectural Photography Bold, geometric patterns have become staples of home décor when it comes to furniture covers and accent pieces. These same patterns can be applied effectively to one of the largest expanses in the home – the floor. One of the most popular patterns from clothing ... ...

  • 5 Bathroom Remodeling Ideas You’ll Swoon Over

    Bathroom remodels are among the most important home renovations a homeowner can undertake. They can add value to a home, make a space more livable, and incorporate new touches of elegance to an otherwise dreary room. The possibilities are endless. Many homeowners do in-depth research to find bathroom remodeling ideas to glean inspiration. Contemporary Bathroom ... ...

  • Decorator Review: Kelly Wearstler Creates Interior Designs With Unique Flair

    Decorator Review: Kelly Wearstler Creates Interior Designs With Unique Flair

    There is no simple way to categorize the work of designer Kelly Wearstler. Neither single words nor broad classifications suffice, when attempting to describe the scope of Wearstler’s Global Lifestyle Brand and her numerous collaborations with many of the industry’s most notable names. Her interior designs can be viewed as works of art in themselves. ... ...

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