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  • Celebrity Homes: Will Ferrell’s New York City Loft

    Celebrity Homes: Will Ferrell’s New York City Loft

    It might be hard to imagine, but Hollywood funnyman Will Ferrell’s New York City loft shows a different side – his refined and stylish taste when it comes to his home. Along with his wife and three children, he owns a sleek and contemporary 2,800 square foot loft in Manhattan. The loft is located downtown and was once a Victorian ... Read More »
  • DIY Thrifted Batik Place Mats

    DIY Thrifted Batik Place Mats

    I have a confession to make. I’ve lived in my house for almost two years and have done next to no decorating. Sure, I’ve put up some shelves, carefully arranged some nick-knacks, but no real decorating. I’ve even left up some of the curtains from the previous owners, ack! I could easily make excuses as to why I haven’t done ... Read More »
  • Best Laminate Floor for a Beach House

    Best Laminate Floor for a Beach House

    Dear Hilary, Great question! Finding the best laminate floor for a beach house isn’t always easy. You’re smart to be conscientious of water from the canal. As you know, laminate is not completely waterproof. Still, the right products are durable enough to stand up to the occasional spill or tracking in of water. It shouldn’t stand in your way of ... Read More »
  • Designer Review: Alexa Hampton

    Designer Review: Alexa Hampton

    Can you imagine being the daughter to one of “The World’s Twenty Greatest Designers of All Time”? Alexa Hampton can and she is a designer herself because of it. Her father, Mark Hampton, was known as a legend in the interior design world. He founded his own company, Mark Hampton LLC, in 1976 and over his career had many elite ... Read More »
  • Art & Home: Katsushika Hokusai

    Art & Home: Katsushika Hokusai

    Painter and Printmaker: Katsushika Hokusai Japanese artwork might just be my favorite style of art. It is very unique and stylized, and much different from the artwork of Western culture. I’m going to take us far back to the 1700-1800’s in Edo, Japan, which is now modern day Tokyo. We will focus on one of the most well-known Japanese artists from this time period, Katsushika ... Read More »
  • Can Vinyl be Used in Commercial Applications?

    Can Vinyl be Used in Commercial Applications?

    Vinyl plank flooring can absolutely be used in commercial applications. Known for durability and moisture resistance, vinyl flooring is ideal for commercial use. The wear layer is what determines the durability of the vinyl plank flooring, and when installing in commercial settings, look for the highest wear layer to assure maximum durability. The moisture resistance of vinyl plank flooring is ... Read More »
  • Desk Yoga for Shoulders and Neck

    Desk Yoga for Shoulders and Neck

    I constantly have tension in my neck and shoulders, no matter how much yoga I do (I’ll blame this on my broad swimming shoulders). Sitting behind a computer screen all day only seems to amplify the tension and tightness. Everything from bad posture, stress, soreness from activity and long periods of sitting can all lead to shoulder and neck pain. ... Read More »
  • Humidity and Laminate Flooring: What You need to Know

    Humidity and Laminate Flooring: What You need to Know

    You might already know that water and laminate flooring don’t mix, but what about humidity and laminate flooring? The wood materials in the laminate flooring expand and contract with moisture. Depending on how humid your home is, the flooring could change widths. Too much humidity could impact your floors integrity if it’s not installed correctly. Manufacturers generally recommend that you ... Read More »
  • Tell Me a Short Story: The Wind

    Tell Me a Short Story: The Wind

    Calista was walking down the stairs one step at a time, carefully holding onto the banister. She hated living in a two-story house. Every time she was alone, she would hear the creaks and moans of the house and feel the hair on the back of her neck stand up. It wasn’t fun, but her parents left her here alone ... Read More »
  • Installing Laminate Flooring on Stairs

    Installing Laminate Flooring on Stairs

    When it comes to making your house look up-to-date and welcoming, laminate flooring is your best friend. It’s scratch resistant, which means you don’t have to cringe whenever your dog sprints across the floor to meet someone at the door. It’s stain resistant so you don’t have to worry when there are a few spills around your house. Best of ... Read More »
  • Bestlaminate Showroom Open House

    Bestlaminate Showroom Open House

    It’s time to celebrate! After a few long months of renovations and a complete office, showroom and warehouse move, we are ready to show off the new Bestlaminate headquarters! Newly located at 3900 Ben Hur Ave. off of Vine St. in Willoughby, Bestlaminate now houses over 1 million sq. ft. of flooring, corporate offices and a brand new showroom with over 400 different flooring ... Read More »
  • New Colors in Quick-Step Dominion Collection!

    New Colors in Quick-Step Dominion Collection!

    Quick-Step Dominion Collection has NEW COLORS! Quick-Step laminate flooring has added FIVE new colors to their Dominion collection! These designs are really fun and funky with a hint of rustic and eclectic to them. These floors have a smooth hand-scraped finish that is reminiscent of hardwood, but with the benefits of laminate. With an AC3 durability rating, these floors will stand up to heavy ... Read More »