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5 Home Decor Magazines to Help You Create an Inspiration Board

5 Home Decor Magazines to Help You Create an Inspiration Board

When it comes to remodeling and decorating your home, can you ever have enough inspiration? We didn’t think so. Home decor magazines offer a fun off-line resource to help you get new ideas and transform your abode. One way to put these magazines to use is with an inspiration board.

Making Your Inspiration Board With Home Decor Magazines

Many homeowners use magazines when planning a home makeover project to create inspiration boards. An inspiration board is a place where you can collate all of your favorite ideas, colors, and designs in one spot. Inspiration boards help guide your project so you get everything perfect from the flooring on up.

Magazines offer the perfect resource for clipping pictures, getting ideas, and finding the small touches that make a space unique to your family. But you have to have the right ones on hand if you’re going to find the perfect ideas for your space.

If you are creating an inspiration board for your next project, here are five home decor magazines you’ll want to have on hand.

1. Traditional Home

If you traditional designs with new age appeal, you’ve got to check out Traditional Home. This magazine offers you glimpses into a variety of types of living areas, from classic homes to modern lofts. With featured homes and lots of images to spark inspiration, this is a must-read magazine.

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2. Veranda

Want a peak inside celebrity homes for inspiration? You got it in Veranda! This magazine gives you ideas of what others are doing in their homes. It also talks about how you can maximize the experience you have in your house with entertainment tips and more. It’s a well-rounded magazine filled with inspiration for all styles.

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3. Dwell

Modern homes are very popular among homeowners. With the clean, crisp lines to the bold, dramatic colors, modern homes have a distinct appeal. If you love the modern design and want to incorporate it into your home, check out Dwell. This magazine offers idea rooms, green living ideas and more.

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4. Architectural Digest

Despite the name, this magazine offers more than just articles about architecture. You will also find ideas and inspiration for how to decorate once you build your space. If you’re about to undergo a remodel or new room project, grab a copy of Architectural Digest for all around inspiration.

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5. Country Living

There’s nothing like the open air of the country. In Country Living, you can bring that same breath of fresh air into your home. Filled with ideas for home décor and DIY projects, as well as entertainment and outdoor living, you get it all with Country Living.

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Now it’s your turn. We want to hear from you what’s on your home decorating reading list. Tell us in the comments below, or share with us on Facebook!

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