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A Story: The House Hunt

A Story: The House Hunt

Going on a house hunt is so much more than checking out a few homes. It’s planning a life, planning a future, and anticipating the days ahead.

“Can we talk about something else for a change?”

Leslie was exhausted by the constant searching on real estate apps. There weren’t any new homes posted in the last few hours – how could he keep looking at the same houses over and over again?

But he did.

Rich was obsessed with the house hunt. They bought their first home when they got engaged. His lease was expiring so they were in a hurry to find the house they’d call home when they exchanged their vows on the mountain top. It was a romantic time. It was also the first home either of them had ever purchased.

The First House Hunt

Back then, there weren’t apps that showed houses. Instead, Leslie and Rich spent their evenings huddled in front of the computer looking at a few houses that their realtors had sent to them to consider. They also glanced at printed listings to try to find the perfect house in their price range and the area of town they wanted to live.

They walked into one house and quickly dismissed it because they didn’t want a two story home. That was easy.

Then they walked into another house. The backyard was flush against a ravine that let other homeowners easily glance down into their house. No privacy. No go.

Finally, they settled on the house they loved.

“This is it!” squealed Leslie.

They put in an offer. A few days later they heard the bad news. Another couple bid higher on the house so they were back on the market, even more crunched for time.

The First Purchase

Back to the drawing board they revisited a few of the houses that initially caught their eye. This time, another house sparked their interest. It had a view, a fireplace with a switch that made it simple to light, and it had the perfect amount of bedrooms.

They put in the offer and crossed their fingers.

A few days later, the answer came in – they received the house and would be able to move in soon!

The timing couldn’t have been more perfect and the new couple was elated. Still, something told them that this wasn’t their forever home.

The Second House Hunt

Fast forward five years in the home and four years in their marriage.

Leslie and Rich settled in nicely to their house, but it was starting to feel a little cramped. She worked out of the house and he had a lot of gear for his job. The couple could barely house Rich’s parents when they arrived from out of town!

So began the second house hunt…

This time, the apps were more plentiful making it much easier to sit around night after night peering at homes in the area. They didn’t want to move far but they wanted a house that they were proud to call their own.

Weekends turned into slow drives through neighborhoods and peering into the windows of empty rooms. Nights turned into Leslie and Rich’s noses buried in their phones looking at potential listings.

Soon, it became too much.

Leslie grew tired of the constant search. They weren’t in a hurry to move this time, so why did they need to look so aggressively?

Meanwhile, Rich became obsessed with the search. The more he looked at other homes, the more eager he was to move.

Day after day, night after night the couple grew more tired.

Then, it happened.

Rich had found an open house in the area. Reluctantly, Leslie joined him on the journey over to the home not expecting to like it.

She couldn’t have been more wrong…

Leslie loved it from the minute she walked in! There was an office – a real office! There was a bigger garage for all of Rich’s gear. The couple had high ceilings, just like the first house they bid on and didn’t get.

They both breathed a sigh of relief. This one felt like home…

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