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Alloc Laminate Flooring: The Fascinating History

Alloc Laminate Flooring: The Fascinating History

Alloc laminate flooring is one of the most common names in the world of laminate flooring today. The head-office and factory was established in 1952 and is located in Lyngdal, Norway. Lacquered boards were produced here for the shipbuilding industry, under the name Fibofabrikken. It was in the 1960’s that the production of high-pressure laminate began. Alloc is the only Norwegian manufacturer of this wear resistant laminate.

Alloc Beginnings

In 1992, the production of high-pressure laminate with a laminated surface resulted in a new look for the laminate flooring industry. As soon as 1993, Alloc, achieved the ISO 9001 Certificate, which certifies that the manufacturer documents their standards in regards to quality. This sent a message that this laminate flooring company was serious.  They continue to work hard, each and every day, to retain this high level of quality craftsmanship within the industry.

Alloc is owned by the Belgian group Beaulieu InternationalGroup, a well known company in the flooring industry. Beaulieu is divided into three divisions: Wood, Yarns, and Carpets. Alloc laminate flooring is fortunate to be owned by one of the most reputable flooring companies in the world.

Things moved rather quickly with Alloc during the 1990’s. In 1996, the company became the first laminate flooring manufacturer with a mechanical locking system that made it possible to install without glue. The installation process was now quicker, smoother, and much more consumer friendly. A new product for the residential, as well as the industrial consumer. Alloc remains a laminate flooring leader, as they continue to set high standards within the laminate flooring industry.

An Quality Company

Alloc laminate flooring continues to be innovative with up to date design characteristics, as well as new technology. A proud accomplishment came about in 2004. This was when the company was certified ISO 14001, which announced to the industry that Alloc takes environmental issues serious on a daily basis.

Alloc is very aware of the impact the production of laminate flooring has on the environment. Not only are products recycled, but Alloc is always focusing on how best to utilize raw materials and energy. By keeping emissions from the production of laminate flooring low, this helps aid in keeping our environment healthy. Alloc laminate flooring products are manufactured, used, recycled, and disposed in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

Alloc offers a number of collections. With a product for every room in your home, Alloc laminate flooring will provide years of wear. High-Pressure laminate flooring will provide you and your family years of enjoyment. With many different textures, colors, and designs to choose from; the consumer should have no problem finding an Alloc laminate flooring pattern to meet their needs.

Coming to America

Alloc founded an office located in Racine, Wisconsin in 1997, as a fully owned subsidiary of Alloc AS, Norway. It was in 1999 that Alloc Inc. moved into its own facility in Wisconsin, complete with warehouse and office operations. The manufacturing process of laminate flooring with the mechanical locking systems began in 2001. Alloc products are sold through this nation-wide distribution network in North America, and it also handles sales to South America. In Lyngdal, Norway, 80% of the Alloc flooring produced is exported. Alloc AS is the only producer of high-pressure laminate flooring in Norway.

With a continued desire to meet the ever changing demands and needs of the consumer today, Alloc laminate flooring will be around for many years to come. Alloc laminate flooring continues to strive to produce a high quality product that consumers desire in the marketplace today. With a history of success and a mechanical locking system that sets it apart from other laminate flooring companies, Alloc laminate flooring will be available to consumers for many years to come.

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  1. my sister had a leak and needs to get some discontinued Aloc, style Oak # 4223. Any ideas?

    • Fred

      Eileen, once a floor is discontinued it is like looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack. The best advice would be to search nationwide on online classifieds websites such as Craigslist and also check eBay. You can call local flooring distributers as well to see if they have any left over stock. Hope this helps.

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