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How can I find discontinued laminate flooring?

How can I find discontinued laminate flooring?

Finding discontinued laminate flooring to finish a project, a repair, or complete a home can be difficult. If a product is not selling well, manufacturers will discontinue the flooring or collection of flooring completely. Once a flooring is discontinued, you will not see it again in most stores.

At Bestlaminate, we carry a few discontinued laminate flooring styles. If we don’t have something you need, we always suggest to search eBay or Craigslist. Often, it is helpful to contact the flooring manufacturer directly to see if they have any remnants available. You may even get a discount from manufacturer’s trying to sell off old flooring.

If you want to install laminate flooring in an additional room, you are in luck. You can easily blend the two rooms together with a transition piece and a laminate flooring that’s close in color and design as your current floor. Very commonly, we can find a match that will compliment current flooring or furnishing perfectly. Customers have been able to find a match that was unnoticeable! If you have a left over sample of the flooring you currently have installed, don’t hesitate to mail it to us and we will see what we have that is similar.

If you want help finding a similar product, contact us at 1-800-520-0961 and we will do our best to help you get the perfect flooring to blend with your current flooring. We also have free samples available that you can order to match these floors to yours!

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  1. Im not sure what my flooring is how can I find a match for it?

    • Alana Kane

      Hi Lin, thanks for your question! If you would like to send us a photo of your floors, we’d be happy to take a look to see what would be a close match. If we have anything close matching, we will send you free samples so you can compare them in person. You can send photos to

  2. Hi. We are looking for Pergo Burnished Fruitwood. If not, could you suggest what could be matched with it. We are having a problem matching color and size. Thanks!

  3. Hi – any chance you have Linco Rocky Mountain Collection Burnt Sienna in your inventory? Thank you!

    • Alana Kane

      Hi Micah, thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately, we do not carry that brand. Good luck on your search! We can always try to find a close match for you if you are open to that idea.

  4. Good morning. I am looking for 3 boxes of Pergo Max Burnished Fruitwood laminate. Any chance you guys might have it? Thanks.

    • Alana Kane

      Hi George! Thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately, we do not carry the Pergo Max line. We’d recommend checking out local classifieds or posting an ad yourself! We may be able to find you a close match if you wanted to go that route.

  5. I’m looking for d1359 wild cherry

    • Alana Kane

      Thanks for reaching out Daniel! Unfortunately, it looks like we do not have any boxes of this left in our warehouse. We’d be happy to try to find you a close match if that is an option for your project. If you would like to explore a close match, send us an email at or call us at 800-520-0961. Thanks!

  6. Hello,
    I am looking for Pergo Select Prairie Red Pine #050371. Could use 6-8 cases, sure hope you are the shining star!!! Thanks so much, Terri.

  7. I am looking for Wilsonart Cherry Rose, know of anywhere to get?

    • Alana Kane

      Hi John – thanks for the question. We do not carry any Wilsonart products, but we could recommend checking Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace or any remnant stores.

  8. Looking for pergo Xp monson slate does anyone have some

  9. Hi, I am looking for a few boxes of wilsonart revival oak flooring W3000032 to finish a room By chance do you have any Thanks Michellr

    • Alana Kane

      Hi Michelle,thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately, we do not carry that brand of laminate. We’d recommend trying Ebay or Craigslist to see if anyone has some extra boxes in your local area.

  10. was wondering if you had pergo accolade reclaimed barnwood?

    • Alana Kane

      Hi Chris! We did sell that flooring at one point, but unfortunately we have no sq. footage left over. You could always try Craigslist to see if anyone would have a spare box or two.

  11. I’m looking for a few boxes of Pergo’s casual living pw 80066 durant beech.

    • Alana Kane

      Hi Laura, thank you for reaching out! Unfortunately, we do not carry that line of Pergo laminates. Our best recommendation would be to check outlet stores or Craigslist!

  12. looking for 1 box Trafficmaster glacier oak sku 195982

    • Alana Kane

      Hi Phil, thanks for reaching out to us! Unfortunately, we have never carried that brand, so we would not have any in our warehouse. You could also try Criagslist to see if any local folks might have a spare box!

  13. I am looking for All American Exotic Series Laminate “Acacia and Walnut Visuals.” Need just one box.

    • Alana Kane

      Hi Kathy! Thanks for visiting our page. Unfortunately, we do not sell that brand of flooring. We would recommend searching any remnant/discount hardwood or big box stores, or checking on Craigslist – sometimes you can get lucky! If you can’t find the exact floor, often we can find a floor that looks very similar. Let us know if you would like to find an alternate match!

  14. I am looking fur dreamhome st james vitner I need 4 boxes

    • Alana Kane

      Hi Julie, thanks for your question. We do not carry that brand of flooring, so our best suggestion would be to check with the retailer you purchased from and any other stores that may carry it. Checking Craigslist or any other self-sell site might work as well!

  15. I am looking for 2 boxes of Pioneer Western Hemlock laminate by Trafficmaster. Any information available would be appreciated.

  16. I am in search of 2 boxes of Trafficmaster Pioneer Western Hemlock laminate flooring. Do you know where I can find this. If so, please email me at

    • Alana Kane

      Hi Susan! Unfortunately, we do not carry this flooring brand. Our best recommendation would be to search Craigslist or any flooring retailer that sells discount or remnant products. Hope this helps!

  17. Christopher Roche

    Am trying to find out what kind of laminate wood flooring is in the home we purchased. On the back of the flooring is: 090496 11:37. We are looking to install in two rooms. One which is a complete carpet replace, and the other is 1/4 wood (090496 11:37) and carpet. We would like to be able to just continue the floor which is there now, instead of ripping it all up and starting over.

    • Alana Kane

      Hi Christopher, thanks for the question! I can’t find any product with that product number – it could just be a factory stamp or lot number. We would be happy to try and find a close match the flooring in your home. Feel free to send an email to Amy at – she will be able to take a look at your flooring and send you some samples to match with it. Best of luck!

  18. Hello! I am trying to find “Dream Home Inspiri Sloane Street Teak” laminate flooring. One box would be enough I believe.


    • Alana Kane

      Hi Holly! Thanks for reaching out to us. Unfortunately, we do not sell that brand of flooring. It looks like Lumber Liquidators may have some boxes in select stores. Try calling them to track down one box!

  19. I am in search of 1 box 30 pieces of Shaw Traffic Master laminate flooring. The color of the flooring is Montana Slate.

  20. I am looking to purchase 1 box of 30 12×12 squares of the Shaw product Traffic Master laminate flooring by the name of Montana Slate. Can you put me in the right direction.
    Thank you in advance for your help.

    • Alana Kane

      Hi Doc, thanks for stopping by! We do not sell the Shaw brand, but you might be able to check a local big box store to see if they may have it. You might also find a Shaw outlet online, or check Craigslist to see if anyone might have one box.

  21. I am looking for Pergo Laminate by the name of Lassiter Oak. Please let me know if you have some or can get some!
    Thanks Tom Gregory

    • Alana Kane

      Hi Tom – We unfortunately do not sell that Pergo laminate. You can check our Pergo selection here: We would be happy to assist you in trying to find another floor that is similar in color and grain. It is possible some stores may have remnants or a few boxes of this laying around, so it might be worth it to call around to some potential stores. You can also post an AD on Craigslist and see if anyone has that floor! Hope this helps.

  22. Hello Best Laminate…I am looking for Wisonart Estate Plus Liberty Oak (W3000052) laminate flooring. I’ve learned it was discontinued in 2011 so I feel like my search is rather futile. I have 2 boxes and need approx 10 more to cover a 202 sq ft dining room. I live north of Houston and a flooring store advised that it would be a nationwide search and probably without much success. Don’t think trying to match it with something similar would work as there are 2 entrances to the dining room…from the foyer with the laminate and from the kitchen with tile. I would appreciate any assistance you can provide in how to go about searching for this product (checked eBay and craigslist to no avail). Many thanks.

    • Ashley Arndt

      Hi Janie!

      Thanks for contacting us about your issue. So sorry to hear about your flooring being discontinued! We definitely don’t recommend trying to match your flooring with a different brand of flooring that looks similar. What can end up happening is the locking systems may not be compatible between your current floor and the new floor you purchased to match, or worse, it will be totally obvious that you installed a different flooring to try to match your old flooring!

      Here’s what we recommend: Do you have the flooring installed in any closets, a pantry or maybe an extra bedroom? You can pull the flooring from these areas to replace the damaged flooring in the main area of your home. By pulling from another area you can preserve the main living space and then focus on a solution for that closet or bedroom. So let’s say that you have this flooring in a closet. You can remove that material, fix your damaged area, and then find a different laminate that you can use to fix the smaller problem.

      Last case scenario, pull it all up and install brand new laminate flooring!

      I hope this helps you, Janie! Good luck!

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