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Can I Use A Buffer Attachment On My Laminate Flooring To Remove Scuff Marks?

Can I Use A Buffer Attachment On My Laminate Flooring To Remove Scuff Marks?

Dear Bob and Betsy,
My Kirby vacuum cleaner has a buffer attachment. Can I use it on my laminate floor to remove scuff marks?
– Don

Dear Don,

We’re really glad that you asked, because you should not use a buffer attachment on a laminate flooring ever. As much as you may hate scuff marks on your laminate flooring, buffing them off will only cause you more headache and frustration. But laminate flooring has a wear layer that can hold up to buffering, right?

What Happens When You Buffer A Floor

Put simply, buffering is a light form of sanding. Usually you use a special buffer cleaner on the floor and you buff the floor to achieve a nice even shine. What the buffer tool is actually doing is removing any slight imperfections, creating a smooth and polished surface. The buffer pad is made of an abrasive material that works to remove these imperfections. If you’ve read an of our other articles, abrasive surfaces and laminate flooring do not mix.

Laminate flooring is made of several layers: A) The Wear Layer B) The Decorative Layer C) The Stabilizing Layer D) The Backing Layer and an optional E) Underlayment Layer. Laminate flooring is not set up like solid hardwood, where it is all one, solid product. Buffering a laminate flooring could cause you to completely remove the wear layer, strip the decorative layer, and expose the stabilizing layer. Not a pretty picture. You would have to remove the damaged laminate flooring and replace the planks. Using a buffer attachment to remove something like scuff marks seems like a little too much power for such a small mar on your flooring now, right?

What laminate flooring is made of

Layers of laminate flooring – Photo Compliments of NALFA

How To Remove Scuff Marks From Laminate Floor

Removing scuff marks from laminate flooring is actually extremely simple. All you need is acetone and a cloth. That’s it! Simply wet the cloth or paper towel with the acetone and lightly scrub the surface. Repeat until the scuff mark comes up! It’s really that simple! Yeah, it requires you to get on your hands and knees and do a little scrubbing, but it’s better than having to replace laminate flooring after a buffing accident! Don’t believe us? See how easy it is to remove stains like coffee, nail polish, and permanent marker in our demo video below!

Do you have any questions on what tools are ok and not ok to use on your laminate flooring? Write them in the comments below! We will be happy to help you!

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