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Celebrity Homes: Katie Lee’s Southampton Getaway

Celebrity Homes: Katie Lee’s Southampton Getaway

There’s something about TV personalities. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, they hook us with their extroverted appeal and confident demeanor. It’s easy to become hooked on watching these people perform in front of the camera. That’s why it’s so exciting when one gives us a sneak peak into their home! One of the hosts for The Kitchen on the Food Network, recently invited into her house. Here’s a peek into Katie Lee’s Southampton getaway.

Katie grew up in West Virginia and learned to cook from her southern grandmother, which inspired her love for eating and cooking at an early age. She’s taken that love and turned it into a successful career in the food industry by becoming a cookbook author and food critic, writing three cookbooks and guest starring on various food shows.

With her southern drawl and easygoing personality, we were expecting a warm and welcoming home and we weren’t disappointed! Here’s a look at Katie’s Southampton retreat in Water Mill, NY:

Katie Lee

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Carefree and Inviting

From the plush greenery and the backyard pergola to the house itself (inside and out), Katie’s priority was creating “a relaxed, carefree quality”. We think she did just that by creating a home that is perfect for curling up with a good book or for entertaining friends. Her favorite place to relax and entertain is the outdoor area that includes a pizza oven and fire pit.

Katie Lee's home

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Splashes of Color

While she kept a lot of the color palette in serene colors to create a purposefully calm and relaxing feel in her home, she interjected bold and fun splashes of color throughout. Two of our favorites are the bold green she painted the table in the front entry and the funky green and white wallpaper she used as the backdrop of her bar area.

Katie Lee's Home

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Katie Lee bar

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Warm Living Room

In the living room we love the mint green walls paired with the crisp white wall paneling and white ceiling beams. The combination is feminine with a calming and relaxing feel. To furnish it, she reused furniture she already owned, rather than buying all new furniture. All the pieces work together to further create a comfortable and welcoming living space.

Katie Lee Home

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This cool but colorful Southampton retreat is stunning. If you want to see more celebrity homes, be sure to sign up for our newsletter to get the latest inspiration sent to your inbox.

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