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Chicago Photography Studio Updated with Modern Grey Laminate

Chicago Photography Studio Updated with Modern Grey Laminate

Amy Tripple Photography moved into a new Chicago photography studio in Hinsdale, a suburb of the windy city, to better serve her clients and create a modern space for her business. One big change she needed to make was the flooring. Envisioning an airy and clean look, Amy started searching the web for white and modern grey laminate flooring.


Photo by Amy Tripple Photography

After finding Bestlaminate, Amy ordered several free samples of a few white and grey toned floors.

After comparing the white samples, including Kronoswiss White Oak, Kronoswiss Pearl White and Kronoswiss Oristano, she decided on a light, modern grey laminate —Kronoswiss Interlaken Oak. This laminate is a wide plank look with subtle wood grains and highlights that accomplishes a modern feel, but has warmth and a slight rustic appeal.

Amy Tripple - Interlaken Oak 2

Photo by Amy Tripple Photography

Here’s what Amy Tripple had to say about her experience:

“We couldn’t be happier with Best Laminate! When it came time to update the flooring in our new studio space in downtown Hinsdale, we knew we wanted something bright and modern. The wide planks made it easy to install, it’s cost-effective and absolutely gorgeous! The color is just stunning and it adds to the light, airy feel of the studio. The floor is one of the first things people comment on when they enter the new space. An added bonus is how easy it is to clean and maintain.  It’s also been super durable – a must for a space that’s often full of energetic, lively kiddos. We’re thrilled with how this project turned out!”

Amy Tripple - Interlaken Oak

Photo by Amy Tripple Photography

We can’t wait to see what magic she creates in her new space! If you would like to check out her work, you can find her at:

Love the look? Pin her studio board and save it for later!


Photos by Amy Tripple Photography

Have questions on finding the perfect laminate for your photography studio or small business? Send us an email at or give us at call at: 800-520-0961!

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