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Costa Rican Decor: Pura Vida!

Costa Rican Decor: Pura Vida!

Step off the plane in Costa Rica and you’ll instantly be met with a splash of color. Costa Rica is a country known for its colorful designs, gorgeous beaches, lush rainforests, and laid back lifestyle. If you’re longing for an exotic getaway, look no further than your own home!

Bringing a vacation vibe to your home doesn’t mean you have to makeover the whole house. You can introduce elements sporadically throughout the house or choose one room, such as a game room or guest room, to bring to life.

Here are a few ways you can bring Costa Rican decor into your home.

Bold Colors

Costa Rica is a country full of vibrant colors, from storefronts, furniture, and the nature all around. You can introduce bright colors and life into your own home through handmade multicolored pillows, textiles, and braided or woven rugs. Or add pops of colors by transforming existing furniture with a fresh coat of vibrantly colored paint or re-covering a chair with boldly colored fabric. Don’t be afraid to embrace color because it will infuse life into your space.

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Natural Elements

Do a Pinterest search on Costa Rica and you’ll see many pictures of rustic beach houses or tree houses in the rain forest. Who says tree houses are just for kids?

While you probably can’t turn your home into a tree house or make it beach front property, you can bring natural elements into your home that are reminiscent of both.

  • Fill a vase or wooden bowl with sand and seashells gathered from a past beach vacation.
  • Buy lush green plants (fake if you don’t have a green thumb) to bring nature inside.
  • Mimic the wood of a tree house by getting gorgeous hardwood floors. You can go with laminate flooring in a wood finish as an affordable option.
  • Create a rustic accent wall out of reclaimed wood or faux wood wallpaper.
Tropical Bedroom from Houzz

Tropical Bedroom from Houzz

Pura Vida 

Pura Vida is a popular saying in Costa Rica and means “pure life” or “full of life”.

What better way to embrace the good life and compliment a tree house or beach vibe with a hammock? You can buy one or make your own and hang it outside on a patio or in a corner of your home near a window. It would make for the perfect place to take a nap or relax reading a book.

If a hammock isn’t your thing, you can buy funky, brightly colored prints of beach scenes with “Pura Vida” printed on them to hang on your walls. These can serve as artful reminders to live life to the fullest every day.

Makawao Photographers Ashley Camper Photography

Have you brought elements of your dream vacation into your own home? Tell us in the comments below! We would love to hear about your design tips!

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