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Craft Room Table Using Laminate Flooring

Craft Room Table Using Laminate Flooring

While adding some projects to our Pinterest board, I came across one awesome use of laminate flooring that we just had to share! Laminate is so versatile and can be used for a range of projects – desks, table tops, accent walls, etc.

All Things Heart and Home was looking for the perfect craft table. One that was durable, had lots of storage, and of course, matched her decor! She decided to take matters into her own hands and build her own! Using cabinets and plywood, she chose a Pergo laminate to finish the table off and painted the edges and cabinets to match with a beautiful Behr paint. You can find all of the details for her make-over on her blog!

The Full View of her Craft Room

We’re loving her colors and accents! The bright, playful colors really allows creativity to thrive in this space.

Craft Room Table Made With Laminate Flooring

The Details

A laminate table top is perfect for a craft room – no need to worry about making stains or scratches. Laminate is durable enough to stand up to wine spills and dog nails, so exacto knifes and permanent markers are no problem here!

Craft Room Table Made With Laminate Flooring

Shabby Chic, Coastal Feel

We love the laminate she chose for the project! It really ties the room together and gives you a stunning accent piece! In this picture, you may notice that the joints are not staggered here like a traditional flooring installation. Since this is a table-top and not a floor, where it will get constant wear, not staggering the joints poses no problems to the function!

Craft Room Table Made With Laminate Flooring

A special thank you to Robin of All Things Heart and Home for allowing us to share her project with you! She has a host of great ideas, so be sure to check out her page!

Are you loving this idea? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!!

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