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Creating a Girl’s Pink and Grey Nursery

Creating a Girl’s Pink and Grey Nursery

Congratulations on your bundle of joy! You found out you’re having a precious baby girl and now its time to decorate the nursery.

A pink and grey nursery design is a gorgeous and timeless option for any little girl. Many parents opt to avoid the typical pink girl motif at first. However, when it’s done correctly, a pink and grey nursery can be as much or as little about the pink as you want.

If you’re afraid of the stereotypical color overload, here are few tips on how to create a beautiful pink and grey nursery.

The Basics

The foundation of any room is the floor and wall color choices.

Laminate flooring is a cost effective and durable option for a room that’s meant to grow with your daughter. Opt for grey or white flooring, which will continue to look modern and classy as your child grows. Baby photographer, Lauren Marie, used Kronoswiss Rigoletto White to create a soothing and calm atmosphere in her studio.

Photo by Lauren Marie Photography

Photo by Lauren Marie Photography

For the walls, first decide how much pink you want to introduce into the room. You can have pink or grey walls or add in a pink or grey accent wall. For something different you can create contrast by having the bottom half grey and the top half pink or even solid walls in one color with a foot wide stripe, or other pattern, in the opposite color. We love the grey flooring mixed with light grey walls in this nursery from The Little Umbrella!

Photo by Little Umbrella

Photo by Little Umbrella

Pink and Grey Theme Options

When it comes to finding a theme, you can take the pink and grey color scheme in several directions.


To create an elegant feminine feel use a lighter, subtler shade of pink. Use silver and crystal as an accents to bring a level of sophistication. For a fun touch, add a chandelier for the ceiling light. This nursery from A Well Dressed Home, Interiors by Emily Hewett and Associates is fit for a princess!

The Nursery by A Well Dressed Home

The Nursery by A Well Dressed Home

Shabby Chic

This can be achieved with almost any shades of pink or grey and rustic or French inspired furniture and accessories. Bold accent colors can be used in the accessories such as turquoise, apple green, or lavender. The reclaimed wood and frills create a beautiful look in this nursery from PB&J Babes.

Photo by PB&J Babes

Photo by PB&J Babes


White furniture and accessories paired with soft pinks and greys will create a classic yet feminine look. Cream can be used as an accent color to add softness and subtlety to the room against the crisp white furniture. This changing area from One Lucky Girl is a great example of soft and feminine.

Photo by One Lucky Girl

Photo by One Lucky Girl

The Details

The details are what make any nursery a warm and comforting environment for the parents and baby. They’re the finishing touches that bring everything together.

Add a plush and cozy rocking armchair and ottoman to provide comfort for the countless feedings and rocking the baby to sleep.

Add personal touches such as handmade artwork or framed family pictures. A gallery wall above the crib can contain a unique mix of details such as art, mirrors, initials, pictures, and meaningful quotes.

Finally, a plush neutral rug for your future crawler and flowing curtains will give the room the finishing touches needed to create a complete look.

This nursery from It’s a Pretty Prins Life is a perfect mix of comfort and details.

Photo by It's a Pretty Prins Life

Photo by It’s a Pretty Prins Life

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