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Decorating for the Holidays: Christmas

Decorating for the Holidays: Christmas

Out with the fall foliage and in with the green garlands! Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, it’s officially time to decorate for Christmas.

This is the most wonderful time of the year. What better way to get in the spirit than surrounding yourself with holiday décor?

Here are some fun ideas for how to decorate your home in time for Christmas:

Deck the Halls

Cranberry Candle Mantlepieces from Better Homes and Gardens

Cranberry Candle Mantlepieces from Better Homes and Gardens

It’s time to get out all of your Christmas decorations. The following are just a few simple ways you can infuse your home with Christmas cheer:

  • Cranberries or candy canes can be used to add a touch of Christmas color anywhere in your home. Add them to garland, stick them in existing plants, or fill jars or vases with them.
  • Brightly colored ornaments (or colors that match your Christmas theme) can be used in other ways than just on the tree. Create a wreath with them or hang them from light fixtures. They can also be used to fill jars or vases with as well.
  • Find creative ways to display the holiday cards you receive. Use clothes pins to stick them on a ribbon hanging on the wall or door, place them on the mantel, or back a frame with chicken wire and attach them clothes pins.

Light the Tree 

Rustic Christmas Tree from

Rustic Christmas Tree from

There are so many neat ways to decorate a Christmas tree. A lot of families have a certain way they decorate the tree every year. There’s something to be said for maintaining tradition, however sometimes it’s fun to spice things up.

Here are few ways you could decorate your tree this year:

  • Vintage – Create homemade popcorn and cranberry garlands; use colorful glass balls and strands of large bulb lights.
  • Rainbow – Use white bulb lights and hang ornaments arranged by color to create a rainbow effect.
  • Rustic – Create a DIY garland out of burlap and top the tree with a large burlap bow. Use strands of white lights, pine cones as ornaments and add a pop of color by using various red ornaments.

Bring on the Garland

Sweet Treat Garland from

Sweet Treat Garland from

Hanging garland is classy addition to any home’s Christmas décor. It can be used to dress a mantel, frame a doorway or large framed mirror, line a banister, or decorate the center of a dining table. It’s very versatile and comes in many different types of greenery. It can be used in the plain form or dressed up by adding decorations, such as colored balls, fruits, or poinsettias.

These holiday décor ideas should help you get you in the spirit of Christmas! 

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