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Decorator Review: Bunny Williams Proves She’s One of the Top Interior Designers

Decorator Review: Bunny Williams Proves She’s One of the Top Interior Designers

Bunny Williams is one of the top interior designers in New York City and across the country. One look at her impeccable designs and the reason is clear – she has an eye for elegance, traditional glamour, and chic décor. Her unique designs are livable yet elegant. Many homeowners use her styles to try to find the same traditional glamour in their homes.

If you are searching for a new look for your home, consider these five decorating tips based on the decorating style of Bunny Williams.

  • Consider how you plan to live in your home. Every homeowner lives in a home a little bit differently. A family with twins will live differently than a single man with no desire to grow his family. Some people will entertain people on a regular basis, while others will treat the home as a retreat away from the world. Before you design, build, or create anything new for your home, consider how you plan to live in the home.
  • Incorporate versatile furniture. Bunny Williams is a big fan of round tables. That’s because it is so easy to incorporate tables of this shape and size into different areas of the home. With furniture that is versatile, you will never have a dull home. If you’re in the mood for a quick update, rearrange the furniture and you have a fresh look without having to buy anything brand new.
    Bonnie Williams Treillage Table Set

    Bonnie Williams | Treillage Table Set

  • Brighten up your home with flowers. Floral arrangements bring new life into a room. When you choose to brighten up your room with flowers, Bunny Williams suggests making arrangements look natural. Her best decorating tip for creating easy flower arrangements is to hold the bouquet in your hand and tine the stems together before putting it in the container.
    Bonnie Williams Long Island Residence

    Beautiful table arrangement by Bonnie Williams | Long Island Residence

  • Organization can be decorative. Organization is a beautiful thing when done the right way. Instead of tucking all of your odds and ends away, Bunny Williams suggests displaying tableware in groups. For example, she hangs tablecloths together, stores plates together, and keeps vases and trays together. The combination looks elegant and also makes it easy to find when you need a piece.
  • Large spaces should mimic its surroundings. Bunny Williams loves to add delicate silhouettes and elegant textures or designs to large spaces. However, the underlying theme of decorating any large space should be to reflect the area where the room is facing and/or located. This should be done subtly. For example, a home in the countryside should reflect the natural look with rustic wood flooring and furniture.
    Texas Ranch by Bonnie Williams

    Texas Ranch Home by Bonnie Williams

Decorating a home doesn’t have to be a chore. With these tips you can find your unique style and create a home that is perfect for your living desires.

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