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Decorator Review: David Kleinberg’s Traditional Now Style

Decorator Review: David Kleinberg’s Traditional Now Style

No, that’s not a typo in the headline. “Traditional Now” style is the chic new way one decorator is approaching interior design.

David Kleinberg is a simple guy. He has a love of tall glass buildings, but that does not dominate where he lives. As he said in a recent interview with New York Social Diary, he just wants one nice room where he can settle in. Find him that and he’s set!

But it’s not just the space that matters to Kleinberg. It’s the way you fill it.

Defining Traditional Now Style

Modern, yet sensible. That’s one way to describe the style that Kleinberg incorporates in all of his designs.

He wrote the book, “Traditional Now” which includes inspirational pictures from over 20 different rooms. In each project highlighted in the book, Kleinberg shows a blend of styles.

Here are a few tips on how you can bring in his unique “Traditional Now” style to your home and create that one perfect room you’ll love to live in.

Don’t clutter your windows with curtains

Kleinberg says that he cannot understand why people “smother” windows with curtains. It’s not the view he’s concerned with but the lighting.

If you have a room that has terrific lighting, let it shine in! Don’t crows your windows with curtains or blinds. Use the lighting to highlight the windows when the light shines through.

Traditional Now Style

Incorporate lighting throughout your house

In Kleinberg’s dining room, he uses glass shelves to accentuate the bright lights in his apartment. The shelving works to reflect the light throughout the space giving a more open, sophisticated look.

Add mirrors around your shelving to reflect the light and brighten up your space.

Traditional Now Style

Use chic candleholders to add cozy lighting and decor to your space

In Kleinberg’s kitchen, he has a tall candelabra. When lit, it adds a cozy, warm glow. When not lit, it adds dimension to his flat countertops bringing in new décor that does not clutter up the small kitchen.

Traditional Now Style

Pick up a copy of “Traditional Now” on and tell us what your favorite project was in the book!

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