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Decorator Review: Get to Know the Decorating Duo at JamesThomas

Decorator Review: Get to Know the Decorating Duo at JamesThomas

Since 2003, JamesThomas LLC has brought comfortable, chic living to their clients. The interior design firm is named after the two founders, James Dolenc, and Thomas Riker. As a team, they have worked on projects both internationally and across the United States. Individually, they’ve each accomplished a tremendous amount in their careers.

JamesThomas Living

JamesThomas Living at

Meet James

James started as a commercial designer, where he learned how to manage complex projects and construction documents. Now, he brings that same sense of organization to the firm with each new project he works on, as well as his creativity and eye for eclectic design.

Meet Thomas

Thomas hails from the other side of design, working in a residential architecture firm after receiving his master’s degree in architecture. He takes a pragmatic approach to each new job, which helps him stay level headed and even keel throughout the jobs he works on.

Inside Their Michigan Home

The namesakes of the JamesThomas design firm live together in Michigan. Both James and Thomas have a passion for entertaining – so much so that they designed their home to encourage interaction and conversation.

Their Michigan home was recently featured in Midwest Living. In the feature, they offered up a few tips to help readers like you create a farmhouse home they love.

First impressions matter.

Your front porch is one of the most viewed parts of your house. To make your house appear more inviting, use fiberglass and sidelights. This will give a glimpse of the inside of your house, which will immediately make visitors welcome when they walk through your front door.

Stay relaxed to encourage your visitors to stay awhile

The seating in your home sends a signal to your visitors – should they stay or should they go? On the JamesThomas Michigan home’s porch, old wicker furniture and cozy creature comforts make it easy for guests to kick back and relax. This comfortable seating is located around the house including at the breakfast bar and in the living room.

Keep it light

The JamesThomas Michigan home is filled with natural lighting. High ceilings and plenty of windows make the home feel bright and airy. They don’t clutter their walls with a television. Instead, they keep the focus of their home’s décor on items that spark conversation and interest. Plates, pictures, and unusual story pieces are displayed around the house to capture the attention of their guests. Each piece has a story, which keeps conversation flowing with ease.

If you’ve always wanted to build a casual farmhouse that can be used for entertaining and comfort, take a page from the JamesThomas Michigan home.

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