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Decorator Review: House Decor Tips from Lili McIntire

Decorator Review: House Decor Tips from Lili McIntire

It’s summertime, which means it is the perfect time to try out some of top decorator Lili McIntire’s fresh house decor tips in your home.

Known for her store Gardenology, Lili McIntire brings the outdoors inside. By creating a zen-like setting inside the home, she makes it easy to bring more light, life, and freshness to any indoor or outdoor room.

Here are a few ideas we love of hers.

  • Blurred lines. In a recent interview with Coastal Real Estate Guide, Lili McIntire talked about easing the transition in entryways between inside and outside. Because she loves gardens and zen-like settings, it makes sense that she aims to blur the lines of décor between indoors and outdoors. To do this, she suggests adding large French doors with windows so that you can clearly see outside when you’re inside, and vice versa.
Add French doors to enjoy outside
Photo and design by Bethesda Architects & Building Designers Rill Architects
  • Add more elements to your home. Whether you’re inside or outside, add more of the elements to your space. Some of Lili’s suggestions on how to do this include adding a fireplace to bring fire into a space. She also suggests adding a fountain to bring the water element into a space. Both of these ideas could work both indoors and outdoors. Make these elements the focal point of your design and then work away from there.
Add a fountain to bring the water element into a space
Design by Burlington Interior Designers & Decorators Regina Sturrock Design Inc.
    • Don’t be afraid of the weather. Weathered looks are in right now, and Lili confirms this trend with her suggestion to use the weather for creative inspiration. For example, weathered wood flooring adds an elegant look of distress and vintage beauty.

Weathered Flooring

  • Think outside the decorating box. When asked where to find items to enhance the home, Lili talked about searching in home decorating stores for unusual items. She particularly liked one-of-a-kind items and vintage style décor. She said that every item should give a unique feel to the home, no matter whether you’re decorating indoors or outdoors.
Mintage Furniture in a Traditional Nursery by Portland Furniture & Accessories Grace & Ivy

When it comes to house décor, Lili’s main focus is on natural beauty. By incorporating natural elements including light, water, fire, and plants, you can give your home a relaxing, zen-like feel.

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