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Decorator Review: Ideabook from Fan Favorite Britany Simon

Decorator Review: Ideabook from Fan Favorite Britany Simon

Designer Britany Simon gives her clients an affordable, accessible balance of funky and glamorous. She creates diverse spaces full of classic comfort. Her modern magnificence is what made her the runner-up and fan favorite on HGTV’s seventh season of Design Star.

Britany offers in-person consultation as well as virtual design options through her Scottsdale-based design firm. Here are some of our favorite ways do-it-yourself decorators can take advantage of Britany’s best ideas:

  • Explore geometric patterns. Every space Britany designs incorporates the creative use of pattern, whether as a key feature or a subtle accent. Patterns are so versatile because of the many varieties, from simple lines and chevrons to bold paisleys and damasks. Wallpaper and curtains are smart selections for displaying patterns on larger surface areas. Smaller, changeable options for featuring fun patterns include bedspreads and chair covers, rugs, and throw pillows
  • Add some vibrant colors. Eclectic and glam, two words Britany uses to describe her own style, are synonymous with color. Paint and wallpaper are classic ways to add color to a room. Creamy yellows can create a cool atmosphere in contrast to stark whites. Rather than opting for all-over color, vibrant accent walls can be painted in lesser used shades of blues and greens. Pops of color can be effectively added to any space through the use of décor items such pillow cases, vases, and artwork.
  • Experiment with tile. Tile flooring looks fantastic in large kitchens and open entryways. It is versatile, allowing you to choose from multiple colors and sizes. You can also create patterns. Tile backsplash in kitchens and bathrooms are a fun way to add smaller stonework to a room. Transform the look of your rooms with tile accents added on floors, countertops, ledges, or drawers.
  • Give the home a bright a spacious feel. One creative way to make even the smallest room, like a bathroom, appear roomier is with mirrors. Mirrors with thin or light-colored frames do not overwhelm a smaller area. Creative lighting is also key to making a home feel bright. Multi-bulbed chandeliers are fun fixtures that don’t take up valuable floor space. Maximum brightness can be achieved by placing wall sconces near mirrors or in areas of natural light.
  • Less is more. Although Britney is a fan of color and pattern, those ideas never overwhelm the design of a room. A limited number of bold pieces are complimented by single-toned furnishings. Glass-topped coffee tables are great modern pieces that can be matched with any color scheme. Displaying décor such as vases and artwork on wall shelves mounted at an even depth apart can create clean lines to counter vibrantly patterned wallpaper. Consider neutral toned wood, laminate, or tile flooring in a room with color accents. Stainless steel appliances look bright and clean in a kitchen regardless of the complexity or simplicity of décor.

Whether you are working closely with a top designer, using an e-design program, or in the process of redecorating a space on your own, use these tips to guide your style choices. The abundance of patterns and colors in many mediums makes these trends easily accessible to home decorators at all levels of expertise!

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