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Decorator Review: Kelly Wearstler Creates Interior Designs With Unique Flair

Decorator Review: Kelly Wearstler Creates Interior Designs With Unique Flair

There is no simple way to categorize the work of designer Kelly Wearstler. Neither single words nor broad classifications suffice, when attempting to describe the scope of Wearstler’s Global Lifestyle Brand and her numerous collaborations with many of the industry’s most notable names.

Her interior designs can be viewed as works of art in themselves. She puts a heavy focus on one-of-a-kind pieces, vintage finds, and a blend of historical and modern eras.

Kelly is not only an interior decorator, but her flagship boutique in Melrose and e-commerce site, boast designs from furniture and dinnerware, to clothing and jewelry. Although it is near impossible to narrow down, here are some aspects of Kelly’s design that we love right now:

Metallic can be magnificent.

Kelly is well-known for her use of metals in all aspects of design. From mixed metals as a medium for decorative art pieces to metallic finishes in wallpaper, she incorporates them all.

Bronze is a favorite for statement pieces, like decorative dishes or lamps. Much of Kelly’s furniture design also combines metal feet, studs, and finishes with the primary material like leather, wood, or glass.

Entire fixtures like cabinets or kitchen elements made of metal can create a room that glows with freshness. Gold-leafed dinnerware is a more subtle way to introduce metallic pieces to your home décor.

Make bold pattern choices.

Not one to shy away from graphic designs, Kelly’s residential and commercial interiors drip with texture and pattern.

For those still leery of patterns, Kelly’s collection offers art pieces that are both subtle and eye-catching. Wall art in bold, geometric patterns but neutral tones offers a good compromise. Even hand scraped wood flooring has beautiful color and pattern that is naturally enhanced with pattern and design. Bowls and vases made from either medium are practical, modern choices.

If you’re ready to make a commitment to patterns, a wall covering or rug is the way to go. Kelly herself offers hand-painted rugs that are as unique as each homeowner. Neutral stripes, nature-inspired branches, and bold animal prints are only some of the endless choices for rugs and walls.

Dare to blend cultures and eras.

A secret behind Kelly’s success is her unique ability to weave multicultural, vintage, and contemporary design elements together. Don’t be afraid to bring some of that chic, European vibe to a California beach house! Take a risk and pair a modern art piece with antique lamps. Highlight objects collected from world travels or important family heirlooms.

Mixing contemporary pieces with art deco furniture creates a retro yet clean vibe. Combining cultural elements – like Asian Fusion – can add interest to a space by way of unique space dividers, rugs, lighting, and even foliage without being overwhelming.

Be creative with color.

Contrary to previous popular opinion, the location of your home does not have to play a part in your color options. If your home is in the desert, consider going against the trend of neutral tones, and opt for peachy hues to keep you cool, or blues and greens reminiscent of water. Pops of color in a neutral home are also a fun way to liven up a space.

A bold choice, such as green or purple, for an entire secondary space like the kitchen or bathroom creates a break from tonal walls. A bright color in a transitional space such as a painted door or archway can brighten up the entire room.

Each client, design space, and decorative piece is unique to Kelly Wearstler and her group. It is essential to place emphasis on the distinctive characteristics of your home and personality when redesigning or decorating your space.

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