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Decorator Review: Meet Lifestyle Decorator Maria Gabriela Brito

Decorator Review: Meet Lifestyle Decorator Maria Gabriela Brito

When décor comes together to create a space representative of your lifestyle, your wants, and the things that make you the happiest, it’s called lifestyle décor. Creating this is not as easy as it might seem. One decorator has developed a flair for designing perfectly personalized spaces using this unique decorating style.

Lifestyle decorator Maria Gabriela Brito has a unique sense for how a space impacts a person’s happiness. The area where you spend time has a direct impact on your joy and serenity.

Do you want to incorporate touches of décor to help you feel at ease and comfortable in your home? Using Maria’s designs as inspiration can help.

Here are some core ideas from Maria to help you create personalized serenity in your space.

Reflect Your Style in Your Décor.

Start by being true to your personal tastes and styles. Your preferences in life should be apparent in your décor. For example, if you’re passionate about a certain place, use it in your artwork. If you love to sip on wine, incorporate elements of wine in your décor.

Maria has perfected the art of reflecting personal style in décor. Through her design of interesting spaces, she brings out each of her client’s styles.

Contemporary Dining Room

Add Your Unique Flair

Maria’s design team never works off a template for design. Instead, the entire team works hard to give clients a unique space to call their own. That involves digging in and finding individualized elements that bring out the personality of the homeowner.

Add your own unique flair to your space by exploring art shows and finding what pieces speak to you. Go shopping at your local market and find colors, smells, tastes, and styles that make you feel joyful. Once you’ve found the things that feel most like “you,” incorporate them into your design.

Still not sure where to start? Check out Maria’s blog for more inspiration.


Incorporating Small Touches Can Make a Big Impact

Maria’s designs are simple, yet they make a big impact on the overall feel and comfort of a space. You can do the same in your home by adding small elements that reflect your style, personality, and life.

Design does not (and should not) overpower a space. Instead, by using small, personalized touches in your home, you can make a big impact on the people who walk through your front door. For example, add something as simple as flowers, or a bronzed statue. Even these small additions bring in new elements and feelings to the room.

From carpets and rugs, to vintage art pieces, and fabrics, the beauty of lifestyle décor is in the details. How have you incorporated your lifestyle throughout your home? Share with us in the comments below.

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