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Decorator Review: Steven Gambrel Signature 3 Design Ideas

Decorator Review: Steven Gambrel Signature 3 Design Ideas

Classic architecture, daring colors, and vintage décor are three types of designs you’ll find in Steven Gambrel designed rooms.

Gambrel is one of Elle Décor’s top interior decorators. He began his career after graduating from the University of Virginia as a classically trained architect. While he loves architecture, Gambrel is also very open about his passion for bold colors and paint styles. Blend those two passions with vintage furniture and style and you have the signature look for this top decorator.

Town and Country

Visit Gambrel’s website and the first question you’ll be asked is if you prefer town or country style. His portfolio is for both of these unique design styles is filled with his classic style, yet he masterfully incorporates unique trends into each of his rooms.

For example, in his “Sea Captain’s House” Gambrel renovated the interior of the house using his architectural skills and kept as many of the original materials using his passion for vintage décor.

The end result was a stunning house filled with unusual twists and turns. Perhaps the most unusual is the keyhole wine cellar.

Steven Gambrel

“Sea Captain’s House” Steven Gambrel

Colorful Statements

Look at Gambrel’s “Town” portfolio and you’ll see where his passion for bold colors comes to life.

In one room, Gambrel lines the ceiling with yellow and uses dark blues on the walls. In another room, he incorporates a red backsplash along a built-in cabinet area and blue retro chairs.

His tendency (and what he uses in his own apartment) is for greys and blues. While that might not seem overly bold, the way Gambrel uses these colors brings rooms to life and adds unique dimensions that might not have been there without the contrasting colors.

Steven Gambrel

“Perry Street Townhouse” Steven Gambrel

Outdoor Designs

Working on cottage style homes for years, Gambrel has learned how to bring the outdoors in and the indoors out.

In one Southampton Cottage, Gambrel uses an enclosed patio to bring the outside in. Guests sit at a rustic wooden dining room table looking out over the pool and greenery outside. The room is open, airy, and full of cozy outdoor touches.

Steven Gambrel

“Southampton Cottage” Steven Gambrel

In another room, Gambrel uses an old driftwood style log as a coffee table. Topping this table with hurricane glasses and incorporating nautical colors, Gambrel’s signature style comes to life.

Which one of Gambrel’s many rooms are you most in love with?

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