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Decorator Review: Suzanne Rheinstein
Suzanne Rheinstein Interior Design

Decorator Review: Suzanne Rheinstein

If there was ever a designer who could mix southern charm, NYC sophistication, and the laid back nature of LA it would be interior designer Suzanne Rheinstein.

Suzanne was born in New Orleans and now owns a flourishing home-furnishing store in Los Angeles called Hollyhock. She also has homes in both LA and NYC. She gets her inspiration from her southern roots, her love of gardening, and her passion for traveling.

Here are few design tips that Suzanne believes in when decorating your home:

Buy Pieces That Are Timeless

Suzanne Rheinstein Interior Design | Pied-a-Terre

Suzanne Rheinstein Interior Design | Pied-a-Terre | Source

When furnishing your home, buy pieces that are timeless and won’t become outdated next season. As your taste and style changes over the years a classic piece should be able fit into any design change you make. They also allow a space to evolve and improve over time without constantly buying new furniture. One of Suzanne’s favorite furniture items are pieces that can be upholstered because they prove to be “tried and true” since they can be updated at any time throughout the years by simply updating the fabric.

Invest in Quality Pieces

Suzanne Rheinstein Interior Design | Bayside Colonial Home

Suzanne Rheinstein Interior Design | Bayside Colonial Home | Source

In a podcast interview on The Skirted Roundtable, Suzanne recommends to be selective in your purchases and invest in finer, quality pieces and furniture that will last. She knows that most people cannot afford to purchase all quality furniture, artwork, and accessories at one time, so she suggests that you choose the best you can afford and collect over a lifetime – grow your collection by buying one fine piece a year.

Accessorize Your Space

Suzanne Rheinstein Interior Design | Mountain Retreat

Suzanne Rheinstein Interior Design | Mountain Retreat | Source

With any great outfit, accessories complete the look. The same is true when decorating. The pieces you choose can make or break a design. For example, a side table can make or break a sitting room. If it’s too short or too tall next to a couch or if it’s too cluttered to use then it would clash with what might be a perfect design otherwise. Performance and function are key as well as style. Suzanne told Elle Decor that “the finest pieces not only serve their purpose—holding a lamp at just the right height for reading, offering a handy surface on which to set down a cocktail — they act like beautiful pieces of jewelry.”

With these tips in mind, it’s easy to see why Suzanne describes her style as “comfortable, calm, and collected”. In an interview for Dering Hall she expressed that “it’s important to invest time in learning about quality and to live with the things that you love.”

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