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Decorator Review: Thad Hayes

Decorator Review: Thad Hayes

Some interior designers get carried away with their work. They fill rooms to the brim with sculptures, art, and color. When all is said and done, the homeowner is left with a style that’s not quite fitting with their taste.

That’s not the case with Thad Hayes. Hayes’ designs have been described by Architectural Digest as, “… wielded restraint so astutely that the rooms exude a sense of being complete without being full.”

Hayes has the education to back up his twenty-eight years of experience as a business owner and designer. He went to school at Louisiana State University School of Environmental Design. He practiced landscape architecture in New York City. He studied at Parsons School of Design. And, he worked for Bray-Schaible Design.

Since opening his firm in 1985, he has received tremendous press and accolades. He focuses on city, country, and beach homes. Now, it’s your turn to learn from Hayes.


Thad Hayes - City - Bestlaminate Designer Review

Thad Hayes – City – Bestlaminate Designer Review Source

City homes are often small. As a designer with experience in New York City, Hayes is familiar with what it takes to make small spaces feel large and full of personality.

One method he uses often is high curtains. He puts the curtains ceiling level so that they accentuate the windows and add height to the room. Grandiose, yet simplistic fixtures fill his spaces to bring personality without overwhelming the room.

Hayes’ city designs are more elaborate and detailed without using many accessories to clutter the rooms.


Thad Hayes - Beach - Bestlaminate Designer Review

Thad Hayes – Beach – Bestlaminate Designer Review Source

Hayes’ experience with landscape design works perfectly when he helps his clients with a beach house turn it into a relaxing oasis. With simple, yet elegant pool design, and lush floral and faunas, his backyards become works of art in and of themselves.


Thad Hayes - Country - Bestlaminate Designer Review

Thad Hayes – Country – Bestlaminate Designer Review Source

Country homes take the same elegant feel as city homes but with a little more down to earth charm. Using simple displays and earthy tones, Hayes’ makes rooms feel cozy and chic. In one Wainscott, New York home, he combined vintage décor with modern vases and sophisticated patterns. It worked perfectly for the room he was designing.

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