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Designer Review: David Bromstad

Designer Review: David Bromstad

If you’ve searched in the world of interior designers, you’ve probably heard the name David Bromstad. This decorator seems to have it all: A home collection, a spot in Bed, Bath & Beyond, a role as host on HGTV, and an even more impressive background.

Bromstad started thinking creatively in his Minnesota hometown. When it came time to decide where to go to college, he flew south to Sarasota, Florida to study at the Ringling School of Art and Design. Shortly after graduation he found himself employed with one of the largest entertainment companies in the world – Walt Disney.

As his reputation grew, he started designing installations for big name amusement parks, including Walt Disney World in Orlando, Universal Studios, and Islands of Adventures.

With such a rich background in the entertainment world under his belt, he left to focus on the designs he loved the most. He formed his Miami design firm, David Bromstad Designs and now serves clients in all of North and Central America.

In 2006, he won HGTV’s first season of Design Star. Since then, Bromstad has become a prominent host on the channel. He gave HGTV a glimpse inside his home. Here are some of our favorite parts that you can use as inspiration when planning your next decorating project.

Don’t Shy Away From Color 

Bromstad filled his dining room table with fun black and white. He had patterns and dimension with the unique designs he chose, but one thing was missing – color. To resolve that, Bromstad added a bright red chandelier in the center of the room and a lime green cabinet. It’s not the likely combination most homeowners would choose but it works. Perhaps that’s why he’s the host of Color Splash.


Photos by HGTV Magazine

Vintage Meets Modern 

Walk into his living room and you’ll be met with a mix of the ages.

Bromstad has modern chairs shaped with unique dimensions and clean lines. The chairs are bright yellow and hard to miss in his home.

Next to them is a retro marquee that reads “Open.” It’s this unique pairing that seems unthinkable until you see it blended together into one.


Photo by HGTV Magazine

Hardwood Floors 

Also in his living room, Bromstad has chosen to decorate using hardwood floors. HGTV quotes Bromstad saying, “Dark wood is really gorgeous, but when you have two dogs, you see a lot of hair, which means a lot of vacuuming. I’m about ready to say, ‘Give me some white floors, honey!” Take it from the designer and try out some white floors. They can really add a statement to a home full of colors and patterns.


Photo by HGTV Magazine

Bromstad isn’t hard to find. Check out his Facebook or Pinterest pages for even more inspiration.

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