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Frequently Asked Questions about Laminate Flooring: Ordering & More

Frequently Asked Questions about Laminate Flooring: Ordering & More

We know there are many questions when it comes to ordering and buying new flooring, especially through an online retailer. We talk with customers daily and have compiled the top 6 frequently asked questions about laminate flooring focused on ordering.

1. I am looking at using laminate at my front entryway. Would there be any problems with front door traffic or moisture? Do any laminate floors hold up better then others?

Laminates are not waterproof, so if there is a significant amount of moisture that will be entering the home, laminate might not be a good idea. Vinyl plank flooring is an outstanding option for areas with moisture risk as they are 100% water proof. If you’re set on a laminate, look for products with wax edges or a moisture resistant core. It is also recommended to seal the joints with a water proof sealant to prevent any water damage. The Alloc Commercial line is very durable option, boasting one of the strongest locking systems and durability measurements for laminate flooring.

2. Is laminate flooring scratch proof?

Laminate is scratch resistant, but not scratch proof. It has a protective top coat that’s made with aluminum oxide to shield against everyday wear and tear. It is a better flooring option than hardwood floors for a home with children or pets because of this top coat. Look for floors with a durability rating ranging from AC3 to AC6 for the best protection laminate flooring can offer.

Is Laminate Flooring Durable with Pets - Ordering

3. What is handscraped laminate flooring and what is a beveled edge?

Handscraped laminate flooring is laminate flooring that has been purposefully ridged and molded to look and feel like natural wood floors. A beveled edge is an edge on laminate flooring that has a noticeable groove to create a distinct line in between planks. The laminate flooring below is a handscraped, beveled edge floor.

Knife Handscraped Textured Laminate Flooring - Ordering

Handscraped Texture with Beveled Edges Flooring Example

4. How would you rate the 8mm compared to the 12mm laminate?

The thickness of laminate flooring does not have anything to do with the durability. Durability of laminate flooring is measured with the AC rating. 8mm laminate flooring will be thinner than the 12mm laminate, but not necessarily less durable. The thicker the flooring, the more sturdy it will be. It is recommended to install thicker flooring on subfloors that are not as sturdy as cement, such as a creaking wood subfloor, to give your flooring more support. If you are installing on cement, the thickness of your laminate flooring will make no difference.

5. How is your product shipped and what are shipping costs?

Depending on the size of your order, we would ship via UPS or a large freight carrier. We offer a flat rate shipping policy that is $97 or $177, depending on your location from our warehouse.  Learn more about our shipping practices on our website’s shipping page or by viewing our video below.

6. Do you guarantee your product against damage during shipping?

If there is shipping damage, we take care of filing claims with the carrier and replacing damaged merchandise. All damage needs to be noted on the delivery receipt at the time of delivery. Learn more by visiting our receiving shipments page or by viewing the video below.

Have more questions about ordering from us at Bestlaminate? Write it in the comments below, chat with us on our website, or call us at 1-800-520-0961!

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  1. I am planning to put Pergo/Max lamiinate flooring in a hall and attached bedroom. There is an entrance door to the bedroom where I need advice in planningthe project. Do you continue with the laminate installed in the hall through the door opening, or do you treat each area as seperate entities using a T-molding at the door? Your answer would be a great help in planning the project.

    • Bob, you will need a color matched threshold to go in the middle of the door jamb, preferrably underneath where the door is when it is closed so that you cannot see the other floor from either side of the door when it is closed.

  2. We currently have 12 inch square ceramic tiles in our kitchen and hallways. Is there any reason we should NOT put laminate on top?? We have been told we must have a form underlayment but is that all?

    • Lisa, it is perfectly fine to install laminate over ceramic tiles as long as there are no loose or uneven tiles. You will need to level the floor out with a self-leveling flooring patch compound to fill the grout lines. Also you will need to use the correct underlayment. Thanks for your question, Fred

  3. Q: I’m considering installing a new laminate floor that is 5″ planks with beveled edges. Do those grooves make the floor harder to keep clean. And do you think that my 40lb dogs nails would catch on those and cause damage. He is groomed regulary so he doesn’t have nasty nails.

    • Amy

      Thank you for your question. The bevel grooves are there to give a more natural look. they are very slight so dirt would not really accumulate in the grooves unless you have heavy dirt like mud. I have laminate in my sun room which leads to the backyard and i have 2 large dogs (approx 60 & 80 pounds) that use that exit many times a day and I have not had any scratching or damage from their nails.

  4. Laminate flooring combines natural looking design with a strong, hard wearing finish that can be used in almost any area of the home.

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