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How To Create a Relaxation Space at Home

How To Create a Relaxation Space at Home

Sometimes finding a place to relax and decompress from a long day can be a challenge, even in your own home! With kids running around, dishes piling up in the sink and tons of other responsibilities, getting a few moments alone to yourself can be mission impossible. Trust me when I say that carving out a few minutes to yourself each day will help you feel happier, more productive and less stressed. (If you don’t believe me, you can check out this article.)

So how can you create a relaxation space at home that lets you have some well deserved “me” time? It’s pretty easy, and you probably have most of these items already in your home! Set an intention and make this a spot that you look forward to visiting each day.

1. Find Your Quiet Place

The key to finding a spot in your home is to make sure you can be free from distractions. It can be a whole room, just a corner or a spot outside. You can even choose the bathroom or closet if you know it is a place you can have to yourself for a few moments! Mine is a small spot in my bedroom that is big enough for an alter with a yoga mat to be laid out.

Asian Landscape by Q. Le

Asian Landscape by Q. Le

2. Create An “Altar”

I use the word altar to describe a place that you can set and leave items on… not necessarily anything religious. This is so you can return to this spot without needing to move or set-up each time you need to sit for a few moments. This could be the bathroom counter, a window seal, an ottoman, the list goes on! Find something that might not be used and give it a new purpose. Mine is an old piano bench.

By Silver Spring Architects & Building Designers Gardner Mohr Architects LLC

By Silver Spring Architects & Building Designers Gardner Mohr Architects LLC

3. Add Lighting

When I am in my ‘happiness haven’, I enjoy darkening the room and lighting a few candles as my light source. For me, this is extremely relaxing and soothing. Some may prefer the sunlight, so in that case, I would suggest creating your sanctuary near a window for natural light. Your location will also depend on if you plan on using this spot in the morning, during the day or at night. The sun provides energy for all of us, so this can be a very invigorating way to begin your day!

You can find some pretty cheap candles and tea lights at dollar stores. I enjoy finding fun candle holders that make my space more personal and pretty as well. If you don’t want to create an alter, or don’t have available space, you can always use candles in any room to create a more relaxing atmosphere.

By Cold Spring Architects & Building Designers River Architects

By Cold Spring Architects & Building Designers River Architects

4. Display Items With Meaning

You can use your peaceful sanctuary for anything – a place to reflect, a place to pray, a place to mourn, de-stress, etc. Personally, I like to surround myself with quotes that I can relate to daily for positivity, confidence and strength. Add things such as a sentimental gift from another, a framed quote, an item you carry as a reminder (maybe a lucky charm or mala beads) or if you’re religious, perhaps a cross or a Buddha. I like to leave a book at my altar, where I can find inspiration or a philosophical quote to meditate on while relaxing in my space.

My personal favorite altar items: a wall quote I found on clearance at Target, a memento from my first yoga teacher training class and my “Do something that scares you everyday” journal.

alana-yoga-space-3 sm

5. Flowers or Plants

Flowers and plants are a great item to add to your relaxation space! If you’re like me, the beauty and colors of flowers instantly make me smile. Along with their beauty, plants and flowers have a beneficial relationship with us when it comes to creating better air for us to breathe in. If nature makes you the most relaxed, and the weather is nice, make your relaxation space outdoors!

Rustic Landscape by Sydney Interior Designers & Decorators Luci.D Interiors

Rustic Landscape by Sydney Interior Designers & Decorators Luci.D Interiors

6. Essential Oils or Incense

Essential oils and aromatherapy can provide many benefits, whether you need a burst of energy or help relaxing. By either placing a few drops of essential oils on a tissue or adding them to an unscented candle, you can fill your space with an amazing and beneficial smell. Burning incense can provide those aromatic benefits as well. These smells may be able to take you to that place in your mind where you can completely be one with yourself.

Lavander Oil from Essioshower

Lavander Oil from Essioshower

7. Add Comfortable Furniture

You don’t have to be into yoga or meditating to relax in your own space, but I highly recommend it! Personally, I like to do a few restorative yoga poses to center myself and feel grounded, such as child’s pose. Having a pillow or blanket can make your sitting or laying more comfortable. If you are in easy pose (comfortable cross-legged position), it is recommended to sit on a blanket or pillow to elevate your hips and let your knees rest gently beside you.

For those of us that just need to simply lay or sit for a minute after a long day, having a comfortable chair or chaise to decompress in can be a great idea. Remember, this is your space – you can have whatever you want in it!

By Pasadena Interior Designers & Decorators Rozalynn Woods Interior Design

8. Music or Relaxing Sound

Ahhh, yes…the sounds of nature, acoustic songs, classical or jazz. These sounds can be so beneficial to helping your relax! If you’re outside, be present and listen to all of the glorious sounds playing from birds, insects, trees or water. For those of us that can’t rely on outdoor space, there are several great meditation sound apps you can download, such as Meditation Music or Relax Melodies. There are also playlists on YoutubeSpotify, or Pandora. Just be warned you may get a commercial during your music when you use free websites.

Along with music, guided meditations found online can be helpful especially if you have a hard time relaxing on your own. Interested in trying meditation? Check out this beginners guide.

Relaxation Quote

I hope these tips can help you create a relaxation spot in your home! Remember, relaxation is a necessity, not a luxury! If you decide to make your own happiness haven, share it with us in the comments below! Have any other specific yoga questions? Let me know and I will be happy to answer them for you.

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