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HPL Facades Give Battery Park Townhomes a Sleek, Modern Look

HPL Facades Give Battery Park Townhomes a Sleek, Modern Look

Nestled right outside of downtown Cleveland lies the newly revitalized Battery Park neighborhood. It features beautiful lake views, access to a large park, and is close to entertainment and restaurants. While the architects wanted Battery Park to look fresh and new, they did not want to take away from the views of Lake Erie or the Cleveland skyline. With this in mind, they chose to use HPL facade panels to give these homes a contemporary look that was sleek, yet sophisticated.

As a result, Bestlaminate partnered with the Vintage Development Group to provide HPL Architectural Panels for the Parkview Townhomes of the Battery Park neighborhood.

Project Details

In general, the architects used brick, aluminum siding, and HPL panels in the construction of the Parkview Townhomes. Since the architects wanted to give each of the townhomes a modern look and highlight the unique shape of the buildings, the HPL panels were the perfect choice for this project. Each set of panels were custom printed and cut to keep a consistent, vertical grain look throughout the project. Let’s take a closer look at these panels!

HPL Architectural Panels at Battery Park Town Homes


The first unit is outfitted with Palisander (6046 BS) panels from the KronoArt Fundamentals collection. Since all off the panels on this project feature the Office Texture (BS), they have a visible surface texture that gives them dimension.

HPL Architectural Panels at Battery Park Town Homes

KronoArt HPL Panel in Palisander

KronoArt HPL Panel in Palisander

Winston Cedar and Highland Ash

Next, the second unit features a lighter wood grain pattern that sets it apart from the homes on either side. In contrast, the architects chose to use some panels that were similar in color as well. Notice the very slight differences between the next two panel colors. As a result, these color combinations helped to create a more cohesive look between the buildings.

HPL Architectural Panels at Battery Park Town Homes

This facade is the Winston Cedar (6017 BS) from the KronoArt Fundamentals collection.

KronoArt HPL Panel in Winston Cedar

KronoArt HPL Panel in Winston Cedar

The lightest wood grain featured on this project is the Highland Ash (6044 BS). Although it is the lightest color panel, it is still just as durable as the darker colors and still looks clean and fresh.

HPL Architectural Panels at Battery Park Town Homes

KronoArt HPL Facade in Highland Ash

KronoArt HPL Facade in Highland Ash

Amazonas Brown

The fourth wood grain color used in this project is Amazonas Brown (6048 BS). These fascade panels are textured to look more like authentic wood. Moreover, they are a medium brown tone that goes perfectly with the other panels in this project. Although the panels in this project were installed with bolts, they can also be installed without the bolts to create a seamless look.

HPL Architectural Panels at Battery Park Town Homes

KronoArt HPL Facade in Amazonas Brown

KronoArt HPL Facade in Amazonas Brown

Stone Grey

To break up the wood grain around the windows, Vintage Development opted to use the Stone Grey (0112 BS) HPL panels. Stone Grey is part of the Color Collection of HPL panels. Additionally, there are over 50 other colors available to choose from in the Color Collection.

HPL Architectural Facades on Battery Park Townhome

What are HPL Architectural Facades?

HPL Architectural Facades are high pressure laminate panels that are resin coated and UV protected. Compared to other facade panels, such as ones made of aluminum and ceramic, our HPL facades are superior. These HPL facades are easier to maintain, more aesthetically pleasing and fire retardant. They also come in several different designs including solid colors, metallic colors, stone, wood grain, and more. Each of these designs is also available in six different textures so every design can be unique and customized.

Bestlaminate’s Connection

After a long partnership in the laminate flooring market, we have expanded our business with European manufacturer, Kronospan. They are a world leader in manufacturing wood-based panels and have operations in nearly 40 countries. As a technologically advanced company, Kronospan creates each HPL panel with cutting edge print technology for the most hi-definition look on the market.

Key Facts:

  • Exceptional strength
  • UV coated and protected
  • 10 year comprehensive warranty included
  • Superior resistance to stains and environmental conditions
  • Fire retardant properties within EN13501-1 standard
  • Extremely easy to clean and maintain
  • All designs also available on particleboard
  • Aesthetically beautiful designs
  • Interior applications available on MDF and compact substrates


Architects and designers can use these panels in many different areas. These including exterior facades, interior accents, on balconies, as restroom doors, and locker fronts. In short, your project can include these panels just about anywhere. However, custom printing capabilities may vary depending on application, size, and substrates. You can create beautiful interior wall linings for corporate spaces or add a finishing touch to a modern home’s curb appeal.


The possibilities are endless when you work with HPL facades. Find out more about our HPL Architectural Panels here and contact us for more information.

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