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Megaloc Laminate Flooring – Quick Locking System

Megaloc Laminate Flooring – Quick Locking System

Megaloc laminate flooring is one of the most modern and ingenuous flooring locking system solutions. If you’re looking for easy lock laminate flooring, this is the system for you. With Megaloc laminate flooring, the locking system holds your laminate planks together.

What Is The Megaloc System?

The Megaloc System is the locking system between planks that gives the laminate flooring a smooth and seamless surface that stays tight for years to come. Each plank has a tongue and groove that clicks together to create a tight lock that will hold the planks together.

Classen Premium Fresco Laminate Flooring

Classen Premium Fresco Laminate Flooring

Who Makes Megaloc?

Classen, a leading company in the laminate flooring industry, created and patented the Megaloc locking system. Classen sells their Megaloc laminate flooring under the Classen and Inhaus flooring manufacturer brands. The floors are made in Germany and represents highest quality and design standards in the flooring industry.

The Megaloc laminate flooring installation is one of the easiest locking systems to use when it comes to the laminate flooring industry. Classen states:

“Millions of square meters of our Megaloc have already been installed successfully on the market, and are delighting our customers. The situation is now getting really interesting for other manufacturers, as they move to make ‘just fold down’ the new standard in floor laying.”

What Makes Megaloc So Special?

Classen is one of the leaders in the laminate flooring world. All their floors are made in Germany where special developments make Classen flooring unique. The Megaloc locking system is DIY friendly, and makes installation simple and seamless.

With their patented locking system, Classen has taken virtually all the hassle out of installing laminate flooring. While some laminate floors require you to use a tapping block and pull-bar to install, Megaloc laminate flooring has a locking-clip in the short grooves which allows the next plank to be locked directly from above. This allows you to install your new laminate floor up to 3 times faster – even if you’ve never done laminate flooring installation before!

You simply connect the tongue of one plank to the groove of the other plank. The Megaloc laminate flooring system is not only easy to install but it can be installed very fast. You can easily do it yourself even if you do not have experience with installing laminate flooring.

Classen Premium Fresco Laminate Flooring Wall Installation

Classen Premium Fresco Laminate Flooring Wall Installation

So How Does Megaloc Work?

Megaloc laminate flooring is definitely a leader for laminate locking systems because of its simplicity. You also don’t have to beat up your new planks while installing them by using a tapping block. The installation process is much faster when installing Megaloc laminate flooring versus buying tools to install other locking systems.

Laminate floor with a Megaloc system has a locking mechanism on the short side. The panels are simply dropped down into the joint of the previously laid row.  As planks are lowered, a very special patented insert/lock, located on the short end of the laminate, will lock the plank in place. Once the panel is installed into place, the locking element also locks and a stable connection is created.  Then all you have to do is press along the short side when you hear the click.  Your plank is installed.

Megaloc installation steps: position, lower, lock into place – and that’s it.

  • Position the planks where you expect to lay the new Megaloc laminate flooring.
  • To connect the planks, have one plank on the ground and lower the other at an angle.
  • Connect the tongue of the plank that you’re lowering into the groove of the other plank so they lock. The lock is on the shorter edge of the laminate.

Watch This Video For A Demonstration:

As you can see, Classen’s Megaloc locking system is a new, fantastic way to install laminate flooring easily. Have you installed Megaloc flooring? Tell us about your experience in the comments below!

*Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in January 2010 and has been completely revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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  1. Are stair nosings available for this flooring?

    • Ashley Tolfo

      Hi, Jim! We offer moldings that pair well with almost all of our floorings. I’m not sure which color of flooring you’re referring to as Classen and Inhaus has many different colors and styles of flooring in their collections. Please call us at 1-800-520-0961 and we will be happy to help you choose a molding that pairs with your flooring choice. Thanks for commenting!

  2. How would you attach to a ceiling ? New construction plywood ceiling , just glue and back nail ?

    • Alana Kane

      Hi David, great question! Yes, you would adhere the laminate to a wall or ceiling with a wood glue and you can nail it if you would like. Just click the planks together and glue!

  3. Do I need anything under the floor. I’m going over a wood floor.

  4. Patricia Hardcastle

    I bought this flooring and it works great….until you get to trying to go under doorways to closets. How do you lift it up to slide in to lock if it has to go under? And you can’t tap it into place? I have looked all over the internet for help with this one problem and can not find it!

    • Fred

      I have a few tricks that I use when I run into this problem. The first thing that you can try to do is to remove your door casing in order to have clearance to lift and lock you flooring into place and then you can replace your door casing after your floor is locked into place. The other option is to remove the top part of the locking system on the flooring and then use a quality wood glue and run a bead along the entire seam where the floor joins together and then you have to place a heavy object onto the joint for a minimum of 30 minutes so the wood glue can cure and then the bond will hold just as good as the locking mechanism would hold. These are the best recommendations that I have when running into this problem. Good luck and feel free to ask any other questions that you may have regarding your flooring installation.

  5. Megaloc,

    We like a floor like Vita comfort and excpecially the silber oak type.
    This is distributed by companies like Karwei and Gamma (in the Netherlands)
    However whe need a floorheating system for at least 38 oC.
    Is this compatible with the floor?

    sincerely yours, U.Havinga

    • Thank you for your question.You can install laminate flooring over over radiant heated subfloors. This installation requires that the heat must be turned down to 60°F for one week before installation- so that your floor can properly acclimate to the room temperature. When laminate flooring is installed over radiant heated subfloor, make sure the temperature of the heating system is below 80°F (26.6°C) all the time and do not turn off the hating if the temperature outside is less than freezing. As with installing over concrete, a vapor barrier underlayment is required to protect your laminate floors against moisture.

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