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Room Ideas: Natural Color Scheme

Room Ideas: Natural Color Scheme

There’s something relaxing about nature. The fresh air, the natural elements, and the wide open spaces make being outdoors enticing to most people. But being outside isn’t possible for the majority of people. That’s why so many homeowners try to incorporate a natural color scheme into their décor.

With natural colors spread throughout your house, you can create the same relaxed feel you want in your home with stylish, attractive décor.

Here are a few ideas to help you get started incorporating natural colors into your home.

Lighten up the sofa.

Traditionally, couches have dark colors and rich patterns. This can steal away from the breezy feel of a natural room. By adding a white couch to your space, you instantly create the feeling of serenity and peace.

White couches are also very modern. They provide a clean look that’s trendy without too much pomp and circumstance.

Here’s an example of a light colored sofa from Pier One that is comfortable, cozy, and serene.

Offset the sofa with a dark ottoman.

Brown ottomans are both stylish and practical. You put your feet up on an ottoman, so having the dark color prevents the surface from becoming marred by shoes or dirty feet. It’s stylish too. In a room decorated with natural inspiration, having a brown ottoman can symbolize a tree trunk. Add modern fabrics to the ottoman and you have a chic addition to your space.

Use a green area rug

When you think of open fields or meadows, you think of green, lush grass. Create that same image in your home with a green area rug. Green offers a calming feeling that instills feelings of trust. With this essential natural color incorporated into your décor, you can create a more inviting space for your guests.

Add artwork.

Don’t be afraid to add some artwork to your walls. By using neutral tones, such as browns and whites, you can create a stunning display while maintaining your natural color scheme. Here’s a wall décor idea from Pier One.

Incorporate elements of fire.

Fire is one of the most forgotten natural elements in décor. Adding small hints of red in your room keeps the space from being too boring while adding a bright look. Use throw pillows, like those from Pier One, to keep your room from looking too bland.

Add wood floors

The final touch is your flooring. Carpet or tile does not compliment your natural décor. Instead, by adding wood laminate flooring you can put the perfect finishing touch on your home. For rooms with natural color schemes, we suggest this color and style of wood laminate flooring.

Natural colors don’t have to be boring. With hints of white, green, and brown highlighted with sparks of red, you can create a serene setting that’s both inviting and delightful to look at.

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