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Room Ideas: Nautical Home Decor

Room Ideas: Nautical Home Decor

Love the nautical home decor look, but not sure how to start turning your home into a beach paradise? Here are some tips to give you some inspiration!

1. Color Palette

Selecting the perfect color palette for your room will be the first step to setting the tone for the room! One way to determine a color palette is to use a photo of your favorite beach scene or nautical accessory. Using tans, browns and a spectrum of blues and greens, it will be easy to accomplish a nautical vibe!

Color Palette

Nautical Color Palette


2. Flooring

Once you have selected your color palette, you’ll want to compliment your room with the perfect floor. There are many rustic and coastal style floors available. We recommend looks similar to our Timeless Designs iCharacter Collection. If you have a beach or lake house, these vinyl floors are perfect due to their water and moisture resistance! See more nautical flooring looks here.

Coastal Floors

White-washed looking flooring will add instant character to your room!


3. Accessorize

Furniture and accessories will complete your room and pull all of the elements together! For furniture, select a light brown, tan or white sofa and add pillows with fun patterns. Adding a colorful rug, rope art and sun-aged looking decor, a room can be instantly transformed into a nautical inspired paradise!  If you’re on a budget, TJ Maxx has a large selection of nautical home decor items.


Nautical Accessories from Value City Furniture & TJ Maxx


4. The Psychology Of Color

Flooring  sets the tone of any room. If you prefer contemporary or casual styles, select lighter colors. For  more rustic feel opt for white-washed, nut rich floors like pines, and oak. For a more traditional appearance, the darker, richer wood tones of mahogany or wenge provide plenty of Old World charm and grace. When deciding on the colors for your room, keep in mind that it will set the tone and character for the entire room. Like a professionally mounted picture frame, the background of a picture or a room can drastically alter its style and appearance.

When selecting the colors for your nautical room ask yourself if you will be using your existing furniture or if you will be using something new. Try to complement the color of your furniture with other elements of your room. Earth tones, such as browns and greens, have a calming effect on a room, and they blend so nicely with blues and greens.  Remember, white create a sense of elegance, and pastels are both lighthearted and calming. Before moving forward with your project, you will want to decide on the overall feel you want to create in each room.

5. Inspiration Board

Create your inspiration board like the one below. Mix and match all your ideas and element. This is fun and very helpful. As with most home improvement projects, the long-term view should be considered before committing to a particular color scheme. Best of luck!

Nautical Decor Infographic

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    These room ideas for a Nautical Home Decor design are really impressive and could definitely benefit interior designers who are looking for a new unique design. These fundamental points go into a lot of detail and make the article interesting to read. Overall this provides great advice for all homeowners.

  2. I love the color palette that is shown here. The nautical decor goes very well with the colors and the flooring options. I am planning on redecorating my living room, and I think this design would look great! Thanks for sharing!

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