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Room Ideas: New Year, New Rustic Decor

Room Ideas: New Year, New Rustic Decor

The saying goes, “Out with the old and in with the new.” But when it comes to your home’s décor, you can have both!

Rustic decor gives your house the cozy feeling of a place that’s worn with love, while also adding a new decorative style. The natural color scheme keeps your decorating down to earth. With just a few glowing accent pieces, your rooms feel a little bit warmer and more welcoming – even during the cold summer months.

To help you get started, here are a few ideas.

Bring in an Old Table

Rustic wooden tables give your dining room or kitchen a shabby chic style. With a dining room well fitted for any location, indoors or outdoors, your guests will feel more at ease when they sit at your table to eat. We love the look of this rustic dining room table from West Elm.

rustic decor

West Elm – Rustic Dining Room Table

Use Natural Threads for the Curtains

To maintain that same rustic look, use a natural looking fabric for the curtains. Burlap, tweed, or other natural inspired materials add a homey, earthy feel to your space. We suggest this cross weave curtain from West Elm.

rustic decor

West Elm – Natural Thread Curtain

Use Mettalics to Modernize Your Décor

You don’t want all your décor to look shabby and outdoorsy. Balance it out by using metallic accent pieces. For example, these vases from West Elm offer a cozy glow with a tinge of modern décor.

rustic decor

West Elm – Metallic Vases

Round Out Your Space With Warm Lighting

The lighting in your space makes it feel inviting. The lampshade you choose can have a dramatic impact on how the light gets sprinkled throughout the room and the type of ambience you create. With a chandelier, such as this one from West Elm, you can add the perfect amount of lighting without overpowering your room in glitz.

rustic decor

West Elm – Chandelier

Keep Your Flooring Natural

The floors in your room can make or break your space. Using a wood floor that’s medium in richness and natural in texture will make your room feel more like a modern day cabin. For rustic rooms like these, we suggest using this old town oak laminate flooring.

rustic decor

Quick-Step Reclaime – Old Town Oak laminate flooring

Rustic rooms are stunning when done right. What are your favorite accessories or accent pieces for this type of décor?

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