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Room Ideas: Trendy Teal and Orange Decor

Room Ideas: Trendy Teal and Orange Decor

Looking for a bold color scheme that is both eye-catching and subdued? We’ve got you covered.

Teal and orange decor is one of the hottest, trendiest color schemes being used by today’s designers. From the mountain decorating styles in the North to the rustic styles of the Southwest, these two colors are used to bring a room to life in a comfortable, stylish way.

People new to the world of interior decorating sometimes find this color scheme a little bit hard to get right. Here are a few staple pieces that will instantly add a pop of teal or orange color without overpowering your space.

Start With A Chocolate Sofa

The sofa sets the tone for the room. With this color scheme, you’re better off starting with a neutral color. Using a fabric that is too overwhelming will steal away from the charm of your teal and orange décor. Opt for a rustic chocolate sofa for a stylish, versatile piece. Here’s a good example of a nice chocolate sofa from Pier One.

Pier1 Abbie Sofa Chocolate

Pier1 Abbie Sofa Chocolate

Add Throw Pillows

Throw pillows make it easy to incorporate colors to your décor. Using throw pillows with big designs and brighter colors, like the one pictured below, help you add a splash of brightness without going overboard.

Pier 1 - Suzani Embroidered Pillow

Pier 1 – Suzani Embroidered Pillow

Use A Floor Vase With A Bright Orange Hue

A floor vase adds a unique dynamic to any room. Find one that matches the burnt orange color you want to incorporate and you have yourself a match! This one from Pier One is ideal because of its ombre finish. It’s not too bright and makes it easy to incorporate a variety of flowers with a natural feel.

Pier1- Red-Orange Ombre Floor Vase

Pier1- Red-Orange Ombre Floor Vase

Let Your Curtains Frame The Room

The curtains you choose frame your windows when open, and your space when closed. Adding curtains with the right color scheme makes it easy for you to incorporate bright colors. Your curtains can transform the look of your room, so choose the color carefully. We suggest these teal curtains from Pier One.

Pier1 - Hamilton Grommet Teal Top Curtain

Pier1 – Hamilton Grommet Teal Top Curtain

Match Your Flooring To The Feel Of Your Room

With so many types of flooring to choose from, you won’t have any problem finding the perfect style to match your décor. Since the teal and orange color scheme is so rustic, it is fitting that you would opt for a rustic floor design, such as the one pictured below.

Feather Step Serengeti Laminate Flooring

Feather Step Serengeti Laminate Flooring

Teal and orange is the ideal color scheme for chic, rustic homes. Have you incorporated this in your interior décor? Share a picture with us on Pinterest or Facebook and let us see how you used these popular colors.

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