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Should You Replace Flooring Before Selling a House?

Should You Replace Flooring Before Selling a House?

Dear Bob & Betsy,
My husband and I are considering selling our house but we’re worried about the costs. The floors have buckled but they’re not too bad and can still be walked on comfortably. Should you replace flooring before selling a house? We’re not sure!
– Stephanie L.

Dear Stephanie,

Great question! Many homeowners try to pinch pennies on the necessary home repairs before pouring more money into a new house. It makes sense. However, there are certain home repairs that are more important than others. These are the home repairs that’ll allow you to get your house off the market faster and get the highest value for your home.

Your floors are one of those factors.

In your situation, you have a few options.

  1. Replace only the section of flooring that is buckled.

If you used laminate floors in your house, it’s easy to repair the buckled section of flooring without tearing up the entire house. To do that, you’ll need to use the extra pieces of flooring left over from your floor installation, or purchase identical flooring for your room.

Once you have the laminate flooring that you need to replace with the damaged planks, you’re ready to begin. First, remove the baseboard. Then, start pulling up each plank by unlocking it from the ones surrounding it. Do this until you reach the damaged section and remove those planks too. Then, install the new, undamaged planks. Replace all the flooring and the baseboards.

  1. Install affordable flooring that looks expensive.

Squared Edge Laminate Flooring

Squared Edge Laminate Flooring

The appearance of wood floors is popular in homes these days, but wood flooring is pricey. When you want to keep the value of your home high, create a stunning first impression among buyers, and keep your costs low, laminate flooring is ideal.

Laminate flooring is easy to install. You can even do it yourself! It’s also very affordable compared to the cost of hardwood, ceramic, or tile flooring.

If your damaged floors cannot be easily replaced, laminate flooring is the preferred option.

Congratulations on selling your home! If you need help choosing the best flooring for your old house, reach out to any of our flooring experts at any time.

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