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Tell Me a Short Story: Mother’s Day Brunch

Tell Me a Short Story: Mother’s Day Brunch

Samantha was nervous. She hadn’t introduced her family to a man in her life since she was a freshman in college.

It didn’t go well then, but it has to go well this time, she thought.

How could it not? Her and Jack had an undeniable connection. Since the minute they started talking to each other at Elise’s party, she knew he was someone special. He wined and dined her. He treated her like a princess. And now, he’d bought her the princess cut diamond ring of her dreams.

She couldn’t hide her family forever and neither could he.

Jack was just as nervous about introducing his family to Samantha. His parents fought non-stop. Every time they were together in a group, people got uncomfortable. His mom never seemed happy with his dad and she wasn’t afraid to let the world know. It was put down after put down. For everyone they were around, it was exhausting to listen to.

Now, the two families were getting ready to come together as one, over brunch. Mother’s day brunch.

It was a celebratory day that honored the two women both Samatha and Jack were most nervous about. Neither family was particularly happy with the couple. Jack had proposed so fast that both families worried.

How well do you know each other?

No, how well do you really know each other?

Have you ever seen her sick? No? Well, you’ll surely stop loving her if you do!

Have you ever seen him drunk? Just a little? Wait until he comes home wasted and then we’re sure you’ll get a divorce!

It was one negative thing after the other. When Samantha and Jack were alone, they could ignore those ridiculous speculations. But when they were surrounded by it, how would they react?

The newly engaged couple planned the breakfast carefully. They’d ease the inevitable tension by offering a mimosa as soon as each person arrived. That oughta calm them down, right?

When the morning finally came, Samantha was awake early cooking up a storm.

Everything has to be perfect!

She made muffins, eggs, cinnamon twist casserole, bacon, lox, bagels, and fresh fruit. There was a spread that was decadent enough to satisfy anyone’s appetite.

Samantha’s family arrived first. They guzzled down their mimosa’s, appearing just as nervous as the happy couple. While they poured their second glass, Jack’s family showed up, eager for a mimosa to calm their nerves after the long, 15-minute car ride to their new house.

The crowd was seated around the dining room table and breakfast was served.

As everyone started chattering, Jack glanced at Samantha with a smile. The families were getting along! It was the right time to tell them…

Mom and Dad, we’re pregnant!

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