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Timeless Designs has a NEW Laminate Flooring Collection!

Timeless Designs has a NEW Laminate Flooring Collection!

Presenting, the NEW Timeless Designs laminate flooring: The French Bleed Collection!

Timeless Designs has a new laminate flooring collection! This collection gets its name from the way the color will gradate or “bleed” to create dimension, with darker edges on each plank. This laminate flooring is so unbelievably sexy. It gives the room it’s in an air of sophistication and classiness, yet just that hint of Parisian country-side that makes this flooring an excellent choice for just about any home.

Here are the sultry colors available:


Timeless Designs French Bleed Bronze Laminate Flooring

Bronze is a rich toned laminate flooring. The color palette of golden and red bronze tones gives this laminate a deep dimensional feel. The added micro-bevel edge, adds to the depth and warmth of this flooring.



Timeless Designs French Bleed Natural Laminate Flooring

Natural has a rustic French country-side feel to it, but it can still be played up as classy. The middle of the plank begins with a golden hue and bleeds out to a dull brown, creating a well-worn look without compensating the durability of the actual laminate.



Timeless Designs French Bleed Coffee Laminate Flooring


Coffee’s color speaks for itself. The individual planks have a gradation from a smooth coffee color to a deep, rich mocha that is reminiscent of sipping coffee in a Paris cafe. Bringing this laminate into your home will bring the cafe to you!



Timeless Designs French Bleed Wicker


Wicker can also be played up or down, depending on your decor preference. The colors range from a muted to deep brown with the tell-tale bleeding around the edges. This laminate is reminiscent of well-loved and antique places, with lots of history without sacrificing longevity of the flooring.


Timeless Designs French Bleed Locking system

The locking system for these floors is simple. The Timeless Designs French Bleed floors use the Uniclic Locking System, which means the planks lock into place with specially designed grooves that don’t require any glues or adhesives to keep the laminate in place! Timeless Designs is backed by a FloorScore Certification, so you know harmful emissions are low and safe for your your household.

Wicker Flooring Texture

This collection is beautiful, no doubt. It would work well in any home, especially in a living room or dining area, where it will be seen by family and guests. This stunning floor looks like real hardwood, but with all the benefits of laminate.

Timeless Designs French Bleed laminate flooring has these notable benefits:

  • 20 year residential warranty
  • 8mm thickness
  • AC3 heavy residential use durability rating
  • FloorScore Certified
  • Easy to install Uniclic Locking System

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