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Top Shops for Bargain Yoga Accessories

Top Shops for Bargain Yoga Accessories

I refuse to pay over $25 for Spandex leggings. The yoga industry has become a pricey, profitable and fashion driven market. I can remember bringing my friend to her first yoga class and her biggest dilemma was finding an outfit. Just so you all know- there’s supposed to be no judgement in yoga, so no one cares if you have designer yoga clothes on!

I’m not going to lie, I like to have cute outfits, but I’m also young professional without a deep wallet. I’m always searching for deals and bargains when it comes to yoga clothes and home accessories. I generally alternate my yoga practice between home and a studio, so I strive to make my home a place where I can be relaxed and comfortable. I also have a meditation space at home.

With that said, whether you are simply making your home more relaxing, or trying to up your yoga game for less, here’s my top shops for bargain yoga accessories:

1. Marshalls, TJ Maxx & HomeGoods

I am a total #MaxxInista. I think at least 50% of my wardrobe and home accessories have been purchased from one of these stores. The best part about shopping at Marshalls, TJ Maxx or Home Goods is that you never know what you’ll find! I love the constant changes in merchandise for the seasons and even the merchandise from store to store across the city.

I find a majority of my yoga clothes here for pretty cheap and from top brands, which is awesome! They even have some funky yoga pants and yoga specific brands, which are usually the popular, pricey items. These are some of my outfits I purchased recently (I’m clearly pretty proud of them).

I bought each of the pants for $16.99 or less, and the tops for $12.99 or less.

alana_yoga_cheap-3-facebook alana_yoga_cheap-8-facebook alana_yoga_cheap-10-facebook

Aside from clothes, they have yoga mats, toesoxs and other exercise gear. The yoga mats are great and cheap for normal usage. We bought a few mats for our office yoga there.


My Buddha Statue

Their home decor sections are usually pretty on-point. I stumble upon all kinds of accessories for my altar and yoga space in their aisles. I have been most excited about my Buddha statue I got for $12.99, which is the cheapest Buddha I have been able to find!

Other frequent finds: essential oils, candles, candle holders, wall decor, picture frames and journals.

And if you love the flooring my outfits are photographed on, it’s Inhaus Boathouse Oahu! I love, love, love it.

2. World Market

World Market is a yogi paradise! They have everything from jewelry to beautiful handcrafted glass lanterns. I love that a lot of their items are made in India by artisans. World Market has a variety of blankets, mirrors and other decor items that would make any room more relaxing and “yogi-esque”.

During my last trip here, I bought an incense holder for $3, as well as an adorable hanging tea light holder as a gift for $9.99. Some of the items at World Market can be pricey, such as their furniture, but the small accents are awesome. If you sign up for their rewards program, there are coupons that get regularly sent to you as well!

4. Target

some e cards targetI usually find my all of my treasures from Target by accident. Target’s home decor section always gets me. I seem to find candle holders and home accents that I don’t necessarily need, but they’re on sale and I just can’t pass it up! I usually stalk the end caps in my favorite sections to find the big clearance deals. As far as clothes go, Target’s brands usually fit me funky, so this isn’t one of my go-to’s for yoga apparel. They usually have a clearance rack, which can have some great options though.

I took a quick search on and found these cute items for under $13 each!


4. Flea Markets/Garage Sales/Thrift Stores

There’s so much potential when it comes to thrifting, flea markets and garage sales! You literally never know what you are going to find, and there are so many DIY ideas to transform your finds (check out our DIY Corner for ideas!). When it comes to flea markets, two places I love in Cleveland are the Cleveland Flea and Cleveland Hand Made Markets. These are awesome events with local artisans and homemade items, from soap, essential oils, art, decor and plants. There’s nothing better than supporting local and buying handmade/homegrown items. Every city usually has artisan markets like this, so go check them out and support your local small businesses!

5. Etsy

This is the ultimate place for handmade and USA made items. You can find anything from wall decals, to shirts, to jewelry. I haven’t bought any yoga specific items from here yet, but I did buy some Christmas gifts that were a big hit! I don’t have any specific stores to recommend, but do your research on the seller ratings and feedback before you buy. If you’re looking for specific items, just type them into the search bar. It’s also a great place to find gifts for a special yogi in your life, too!

My Meditation Altar items - everything was found at one of these shops!

My Meditation Altar items – everything was found at one of these shops!

What are some of your favorite shops for yoga gear? Let me know! I’m always looking for new places, and of course, an excuse to shop!



*Bestlaminate and I are not affiliated or sponsored by any of these stores. These are my views and thoughts only.

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