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Trending Now – White High Gloss Flooring

Trending Now – White High Gloss Flooring

The modern trend is on the rise, and more lofts, salons, fitness studios and cafes are adding modern touches to their spaces. Clean lines, bright whites and unique furniture are common in creating this signature style. One of the hottest trends we’re seeing this year is the obsession with white high gloss flooring. These floors instantly transform your space into a modern sanctuary.

Our Elesgo High Gloss White Laminate flooring, imported from Germany, has been creating trendy, beautiful customer spaces since we introduced it. You will find glossy tile flooring in many modern spaces, but tile floors are cold and hard. This laminate will replicate the temperature in the room as well as be lighter on foot. The Elesgo floors also include a sound reducing technology that is 10dB quieter when walked on compared to other flooring.

Let’s dive into some of our favorite rooms using Elesgo white high gloss flooring.

Elesgo Super Gloss Arctic White

This pure white, high gloss look creates a sleek look in this New York apartment. Complemented with dramatic lighting and art work, this space is modern perfection.

This is a pure white floor that instantly brightens any space. A rolled bevel edge creates definition without being overbearing.

Here’s another look at a modern apartment penthouse with tons of natural light. Notice how the floor reflects it’s surroundings!

Photo by Dick Clark + Associates - Using Elesgo Laminate

Photo by Dick Clark + Associates – Using Elesgo Laminate

Elesgo Super Gloss White

The Elesgo Super Gloss White is very similar to the Arctic White, but it is not as bright of a white. You can see from the photos below the slight difference in color. We recommend requesting a free sample of any high gloss flooring to see how it looks in your home with your lighting and decor.

Here’s a zen bedroom from Miami, complete with orchids, custom furniture and Buddha art. Elesgo Super Gloss White gives instant simplicity to the space.

Glossy White Floor Glossy White Floor

Another beautiful space from Miami features this Elesgo laminate with incredible views! Isn’t this just amazing? From Miami to LA, this floor is the perfect choice for a modern beach house or condo.

Photo by Glace Floors

Photo by Glace Floors

Mix & Match

You can even mix and match the other Elesgo colors for an amazingly chic look. The Bombshell Brow Salon in New Jersey used the Elesgo Arctic White laminate with the Elesgo Super Gloss Black laminate. They have the same locking system, so you can mix and match the styles for an eye-catching look.

The Bombshell Brow Salon

The Bombshell Brow Salon

The Bombshell Brow Salon

The Bombshell Brow Salon

What are your thoughts on the white high gloss flooring trend? If you’re not into the high gloss look, you can shop all of our white floors here.

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