Can I Glue Planks Together?

It is possible to glue the planks together. In some cases, this is actually recommended by the manufacturer to seal the joints in water-prone areas. For example, in some cases it is suggested to seal the joints in the bathroom and certain areas of the kitchen. Check with the specific floor first and evaluate your project before determining if this is a necessary procedure for your floor.

Some laminates are made as glue down, but most are floating floors with click-together planks. The floating floors are not meant to be glued down because it will inhibit the floating effect. If there is no other option than to glue the floor down, than each individual plank must be glued to the subfloor. However, keep in mind that gluing a floating floor will void any warranty on the product.

It is not advised to nail laminate flooring down. Similar to gluing the planks, nailing the flooring would fasten the planks to the subfloor and eliminate the floating effect. The floor would not be able to expand or contract well enough, and this would cause the planks to start buckling. Additionally, nailing a floating floor to the subfloor will void any warranty that comes with the floor.