Can Vinyl Floors Be Used In Commercial Applications?

Yes, vinyl plank flooring can be used in commercial spaces. Vinyl floors are great options for businesses. Not only do they look professional, last long, cost less, and provide affordable flooring option fro high traffic spaces.

There are numerous reasons why people choose vinyl flooring over other traditional commercial flooring for their business or office, especially when that business or office gets a decent amount of traffic directly from outside.

A few of the reasons include:

- Moisture proof construction

- Anti-slip construction

- Anti-static construction

- More durable, commercial construction (wear-layer at least 12mil)

- Easier to install as well as replace (click plank vinyl flooring)

- Great commercial warranties

It is very important to use appropriate type of vinyl floor, with at least 12 mil wear-layer that will be suitable to resist all the increased traffic. Please note that the higher wear-layer- the higher durability of the vinyl floor.

Make sure to check if the manufacturers warranty covers commercial applications and read all the details of the warranty to makes sure you are selecting the right floor for your application and most important if you are protected.

Few tips. It is required that you use Visqueen as an film underlayment and vapor barrier (when needed)  for larger areas. Transition moldings may also be needed if the run is longer than 40 feet long to avoid buckling.