Do We Need An Adhesive For Vinyl Flooring Installation?

Do I need an adhesive for vinyl flooring installation? We are getting this question pretty often. 

To help you to understand it better, you should know all the types of the vinyl floors available on the market today:

- Sheet vinyl flooring. Sold in rolls and installed with glue.

- Plank vinyl flooring also known as a "glue down planks" (GDP). Available in plank format , usually 36-48" long and 6-12" wide. You install it by gluing vinyl planks to the subfloor.

- Plank click vinyl flooring also known as "luxury vinyl plank flooring". Available in plank format, usually 36-48" long and 6-12" wide. Planks come with a tongue and groove for a "click" installation. Luxury vinyl floors are installed as a floating floor and glue is not required.

While some of the vinyl floors on our site do require an adhesive (specified as GDP / Glue Down Planks), most are inter-locking, click vinyl planks which do not require any gluing to install. However, as with laminates and other floating floors, very large areas (1000+ sq.ft.) expansion may cause planks to separate. It is normally recommended that these areas be broken up with a transition molding, but vinyl adhesive may also be used in conjunction with the locks to ensure the boards stay in place.