High Gloss Laminate And More: Look At Many Types Of Laminate Flooring For Sale

High GLoss Laminate Flooring

     High gloss laminate flooring from Bestlaminate has evolved into one of the most environmentally sound, beautiful, durable, and easy to install home improvement projects available today. Homes and offices can be transformed from dull and dingy into strikingly beautiful and easy-to-clean showcases in only a matter of hours by even the most inexperienced DIYer at an affordable price. Today's laminate flooring comes in many wood grain styles and stain colors, as well as in tile and stone designs. Piano finish laminate planks offer elegant smoothness, while hand-scraped embossed planks offer a warmer, more rustic look and feel. Resistant, resilient, and environmentally friendly, laminate flooring will be a source of pride, savings, and good health for many years.

     Unlike inferior products, the high gloss laminate flooring from Bestlaminate offers beveled edges, waxed edges, Microban treatment, attached pads, and a click-into-place locking system that makes installation a breeze. Your high impact laminate flooring is scratch and stain resistant, unlike carpet and vinyl. Piano finish laminate planks will never compress or show high traffic areas. There are several types of flooring options available from Best Laminate, enabling you to enhance the look and feel of your home in only a few hours.

Warm, Wonderful Wood

     Piano finish laminate planks offer the same smooth richness provided by hardwood floors without the installation expense or the periodic maintenance. Instead of cutting down new trees for your floor, the design and technology experts that create high gloss laminate flooring use wood materials that would have ended up in landfills. The result is resilient, moisture-resistant planks that are outfitted with the wood grain design of your choice. These planks are then sealed with a top coat that is resistant to heat, stains, impact, and chemicals. The top coat can be smooth or embossed with wood texture. Your laminate flooring can have the look and feel of traditional oak, maple, cherry, pine, or hickory floors without ever cutting down a single tree. Other available wood grains include ash, beech, pecan, mahogany, and more. If wood is not what you are looking for, stone and tile are also available.

Set In Stone

     Stone floors are beautiful symbols of strength and stability. They are also very expensive to install, prone to chip and crack, and deadly to walk on when wet. High gloss laminate flooring can provide the same look and feel of slate or other stone materials without the costs or risks associated with stone. Stone style laminate flooring offers the same easy-to-clean benefit of the wood grain varieties while providing Old World style and elegance. Instead of ruining a stone floor with stains and chipped spots, you and your family can enjoy a piano finish laminate floor that offers the appearance of stone with the convenience and affordability provided by modern technology.

A Touch of Tile

     If tile is what you want for your home or business, Bestlaminate offers laminate flooring that features tile design without the tile price. Tile floors require grout, which can crumble and is subject to staining and discoloring. Tiles don't look nearly as good once they become chipped or cracked. Your Mediterranean style tile floor can come with embossed texturing or sleek satin finish laminate planks, whichever you prefer.

Decisive Details

     Many people are apprehensive about DIY projects and often with good reason. Electricity can be deadly and plumbing projects can be more than messy. Laminate flooring, however, is one of the simplest home or office improvement projects available today. When ordering high gloss laminate flooring, there are many details that work to ensure your satisfaction. Choose from smooth piano finish laminate planks or embossed, hand-scraped planks. You can order high gloss laminate flooring with the underlayment pad attached or separate. Laminate flooring will look as though it had been installed by professionals when you add matching trim and molding. Piano finish laminate flooring will be sure to improve the appearance, style, and healthfulness or your home or office.

     The very best thing about high gloss laminate flooring is that it does not harbor dirt, dust, grime, water, or even chemicals. It offers commercial grade durability and is heat and scratch resistant, which means your piano finish laminate flooring will look as beautiful as the day it came out of the box, and all at an affordable price. Laminate flooring is simple to install and comes in a wide variety of styles, colors, and designs, all to help your home and office look and feel their best.