Home Remodeling Tips: New Kitchen Laminate Floor Options

Kitchen flooring

Kitchens probably get more traffic than anywhere else in a home except for the front doorway. Besides all those busy feet and dirty shoes, kitchen floors have to deal with spilled food, heavy pots and pans, and even the occasional grease fire. Most materials cannot handle all this abuse, which means kitchen floors show all the dings, gouges, and burns of family life in a relatively short period of time. Replacing kitchen linoleum, tile, or vinyl with  laminate flooring or luxury vinyl flooring is an inexpensive, eco-friendly way to transform your busy kitchen. New laminate or vinyl plank flooring can be installed over a weekend and your new laminate floor will provide an easy to clean, kid friendly surface for far longer than most flooring materials.

There are several options to consider before buying. You will want planks that fit the style and design of your kitchen. These high tech planks can be bought with the padding attached or separate, and it comes in several wood grains, as well as in tile and stone designs. Understanding how these planks are made, what they have to offer, and how they are better than other kitchen flooring options will help you select the best product.

How Laminate Flooring Is Made

      Laminate flooring begins when wood that might otherwise have found its way to a landfill is ground up and mixed with high tech resins to create multilayer boards that are both strong and flexible. On top of these planks, a photographic appliqué of wood grain, stone, or tile is added to create planks that looks exactly like the wood grain, stone, or tile of your choice without the high cost. The planks are then covered with a nearly impermeable clear top coat that makes your high gloss laminate floor look like new for years to come. Other materials have their strengths and weaknesses and they all look beautiful at first. The only material that should never be used in a kitchen is carpet. It simply holds on to too many spills to make it safe or desirable. Read more about what is laminate flooring.

Warm, Weak Wood

     Hardwood floors look lovel- there's no denying that. The color, stain, and grain selections available have made hardwood a popular choice for centuries. They are also extremely expensive to install and they require periodic sanding and resealing to maintain their appearance. Hardwood floors are susceptible to burns, gouges, moisture damage, and sun bleaching. Hardwood materials also require that growing trees be cut down. Hardwood simply cannot withstand the heavy use and potential spills the way these high tech laminate planks can.

Strong & Slippery Stone & Tile

     Stone and tile floors look and feel strong and elegant. They give a feeling of permanence and power. They can also be deadly to walk on when wet. In a kitchen, water and other liquids are nearly always present, making stone or tile risky choices for this room in particular. Also, for those who love to cook and spend hours in their kitchen, stone and tile can be mighty hard on your feet and legs. Anyone who has ever stood on concrete for very long understands all too well how a hard surface can take its toll. Tile laminate floor can look like the finest Italian terra cotta tile while offering affordable and durable comfort.

     New Generation Vinyl & Lackluster Linoleum

     Vinyl and linoleum are coming back as affordable options with a wide variety of colors, designs, and patterns. Easy-click vinyl planks are inexpensive and easy to install and provide moisture proof solution for your kitchen. Available in tile or wood plank format.  And no special tools or skills are needed to install these boards, unlike stone, tile, and hardwood.

     Before buying your flooring, be sure to measure the room carefully and then add an additional 2-5% to cover for errors and forgotten spaces, such as closets and pantries. Your floor can be purchased with beveled edges for an elegant look and waxed edges for extra moisture fighting protection. Whatever your favorite wood grain, be it mahogany, pecan, walnut, cherry, pine, or something more exotic, your high gloss laminate floor from Best Laminate is sure to provide many years of beautiful, healthful, easy to clean flooring for your kitchen with a minimal investment of time and money.