How Are Moldings Installed?

Please be sure to read the installation instructions enclosed with the moldings that you have purchased. If you are using a multi-profile piece this is extremely important. Individual End Caps, Reducers and T-Moldings will come with an installation track. You will need to measure your threshold and cut the molding and the track to fit your doorway. You will install the track by securing it to the sub floor either with screws, nails or commercial glue. Once the track is secure you will snap the molding into the track. If you are using a glue like Liquid Nails please put something heavy on top of the molding piece overnight to allow the glue to set. If you are using a multi-profile piece this will install the same way. The only difference is that you will use the enclosed scoring tool to turn the multi-profile piece into the molding that you need. There is another multi-profile piece out there that uses dowels to install the trim. In this situation you will drill a hole down into your sub floor, at an angle depending on what profile you need, slide the dowel pieces into the molding track and push the dowels into the drilled holes. If you have questions please don’t hesitate to call us.