How Do You Clean Vinyl Flooring?

Vinyl flooring is a great alternative to wood floors. It is not only much cheaper, but it is also much easier to install and maintain. With a few simple steps, you will be able to take care of your vinyl floor and happily use it for several years.

So, how to clean vinyl flooring? Dirt is main enemy of the vinyl floors. When cleaning vinyl use a light weight vacuum or broom to remove any dirt or dust that floors get every day. You are able to clean vinyl with plain water and a damp rag or a mop if it is extremely dirty. Add a little bit of white distilled vinegar to your water if it looks like it needs a bit more polishing. Cleaning your vinyl regularly helps make it last longer because there is less of a chance that dirt and debris on your vinyl flooring will wear down.

To summarize:

- Use a lightweight vacuum or broom to remove fine dirt 

- Don't use any aggressive cleaners or scrubs

- Damp mop it with soapy warm water

- To restore the shine clean your vinyl floors with a vinegar + water solution

With vinyl plank flooring you never have to worry about water damage. Should you spill on your vinyl plank flooring, wipe it up as soon as you think about it. A spill will not permanently damage your vinyl plank flooring, whereas with hardwood floors; you will probably have a permanent water spot.