How Does Laminate Flooring Click Together?

There are many types of edge joining systems used to connect laminate flooring panels together. Some laminate flooring connections snap together by hand while others require a light tap with a mallet and a tapping block. Still others use a combination of a “snap” click edge and a “bang” or “tap” click at the end of the panels. While most of the various systems work well to secure your laminate floor, it is important to read your laminate flooring installation instructions carefully. Familiarize yourself with how your flooring locks together before starting your installation.

Each laminate has a unique locking system that is exclusive for that manufacturer, and many are patented locking systems. The locking system will depend on the manufacturer that makes it, and which collection the specific laminate belongs to within the manufacturer. Different locking systems can include a drop lock, Uniclic, angle-angle, Megalock, and so-on. To determine which locking system best suits your needs, it would be beneficial to read up on a laminate you are interested in and learn about its locking system, as well as consult your installer their evaluate their opinion.