How Does Vinyl Planks Click Together?

Installation of the glueless, luxury click plank vinyl flooring is similar to the "click" laminate flooring installation. Luxury vinyl planks come in a "plank" format and floor works as a "floating floor". Each plank has a tongue and groove which click together and glue is not required to install it.

The Feather Weight vinyl collection has the Quick Step UNCLIC technology. The end joints of the planks in the first row are assembled by inserting the tongue side into the groove side of the previous plank at a low 20-30°angle. Gradually lower the plank down flat, applying pressure inward and downward, until the end joint closes, insuring that the planks are perfectly aligned. Install remaining full planks in the first row.

Angle – Angle installation will allow the boards to snap into place, then you will tap the planks to lock together for stability.