How To Make Your House Child Friendly

How to make your house child friendlyHaving children changes everything. Making your home child-friendly is one way to reduce stress, improve health, and prevent injury, all while maintaining a beautiful home. There are several ways parents can make their home life safer, healthier, and more beautiful without locking children into their bedrooms until they reach adulthood. Choosing right flooring is one great way parents can affordably and conveniently transform their home into a child-friendly environment.

While making an environment child proof often includes keeping it clean and tidy, there are also ways to minimize the effort required to clean up after the inevitable messes. Pergo laminate flooring is just one of those methods that makes cleanup fast and easy while keeping the family safe and the home looking its best. With children in a home, green floors, proper curtains, glossy paint, and inexpensive decorations are just a few ways to minimize risks and to increase your family's health.

Cancel Curtain Risk

Sadly, each year, young children are lost to curtain cords. Unable to understand or escape, young children see them as playthings until it is too late. Removing risky curtains and replacing them with child-friendly styles can help prevent disaster. Floor length curtains can also cause tripping or dangerous falls. In the same way, peeling linoleum, ratty carpet, and cracked or chipped stone or tile flooring can increase the risk of falls and injury, and must be replaced with safer, more durable materials such as cheap Pergo laminate flooring.

Seal In Goodness

Laminate flooring seals in goodness and works to keep out illness, injury, and ugliness. Alloc laminate flooring is a high-tech material made from wood composites that are durable, resilient, and beautiful. Rooms look gorgeous year after year, unlike carpets which harbor allergens and require frequent steam cleaning and vacuuming to last up to 10 to 15 years. Floorig laminate is simple to install by beginners. It simply 'floats' on top of any clean, flat, non-carpeted surface. The underlayment padding is very often already attached, and there are no messy glues. Dirt, grime, and spills are easy to clean up. Even burns and chemical spills leave laminate flooring unscathed. The toys and tantrums of childhood don't stand a chance against the durability of this premium laminate flooring from Best Laminate.

Color Me Cleanable

As any parent knows, kids will be kids. This means they will draw on the walls, chase the cat with their toys, and hide foods they don't like under the bed. Painting walls with glossy paint will make clean-up tasks easier. Glossy paint, found on cheap Pergo laminate flooring, is a slick surface that does not absorb other materials. Painting walls with glossy paint means a child's artistic expressions in crayon, markers, or paint will be far easier to remove - after the incriminating photos are taken, of course! If drawings occur on laminate flooring, they disappear with a quick wipe of a towel or sponge.

Guard Your Goods

Children don't generally mean to destroy property, but it happens. A child-friendly environment is one in which damage and risk are minimized ahead of time. Valuables are put away where they are safe. Potentially dangerous items such as guns, cleaning supplies, and power tools are locked up. Large fabric-covered household items, such as furniture, throw rugs, and drapes, can be protected from dirty hands, spills, and other accidents with products such as Scotchguard.

Used Is Useful

When decorating a child-friendly environment, adding breakable items is best avoided. Instead of risking family heirlooms to curious eyes and clumsy fingers, decorate rooms with inexpensive bits and pieces discovered at yard sales, thrift stores, and flea markets. If an item is broken, no one gets upset. If items become more scratched or dinged, tell yourself that they have more character and realize that childhood is temporary. Hunting for these affordable treasures can be a rewarding family activity. Also, products that have survived another family's use are generally quite durable and childproof by their very nature. Keeping your home beautiful and safe goes a long way to tell your child how much they mean to you. Prevent disaster wherever possible. Replace or lock up potentially dangerous items. Decorate your home with inexpensive items that are easily replaced. Scotchguard textiles provide the perfect foundation for a happy, healthy, and beautiful home for entire family.